Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Brighton 1938 - 1964

A view of Brighton shed yard on 7th October 1962 where SR Maunsell class V 'Schools' 4-4-0 No. 30923 'Bradfield' (built 12/33, withdrawn 12/62) and SR Maunsell U1 class 2-6-0 No. 31891 are prominent.  Photo: Ben Brooksbank Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0
Pre Grouping Ownership - London, Brighton & South Coast Railwayopened:1861prior to Jan 1950BTN
type:A brick-built 14TS dead-ended shed.closed to steam:Jun-64Feb 1950 - Jun 196475A
location:At the north end of the station in the fork of lines.BR Database
AbbreviationsFb - FairburnI - IvattLBSCR - London, Brighton & South Coast Railway
SECR - South Eastern & Chatham RailwaySER - South Eastern RailwayLSWR - London & South Western Railway
SR - Southern RailwayBR - British RailwaysLMS - London, Midland & Scottish Railway
Saturday 7 August 1938BTN12.45pm - 1.05pmtotal:69
D3 0-4-4T (LBSCR)E4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)B1 4-4-0 (SER)I1X 4-4-2T (LBSCR)700 0-6-0 (LSWR)K 2-6-0 (LBSCR)
H 0-4-4T (SECR)24732497B4 4-4-0 (LBSCR)25962598C2 0-6-0 (LBSCR)N 2-6-0 (SECR)
11932480250120422051I2 4-4-2T (LBSCR)243614121818
O2 0-4-4T24852510204420682013C2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)U1 2-6-0
2199222124862566D1 4-4-0I3 4-4-2T (LBSCR)244125331900
P 0-6-0T (SECR)2491222926252024207625222535S15 4-6-0
13231557E1 0-6-0T (LBSCR)225326272028209125232546833836
E5 0-6-2T (LBSCR)2122260626052699I4 4-4-2T (LBSCR)2527834837
256721272609B4X 4-4-0 (LBSCR)2034835
E5X 0-6-2T (LBSCR)2153269020672071L12 4-4-0 (LSWR)
Sunday 9 June 1946BTNtotal:50
D3 0-4-4T (LBSCR)E1 0-6-0T (LBSCR)B4X 4-4-0 (LBSCR)E4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)I3 4-4-2T (LBSCR)K 2-6-0 (LBSCR)
P 0-6-0T (SECR)L12 4-4-0 (LSWR)D15 4-4-024862513I1X 4-4-2T (LBSCR)N 2-6-0 (SECR)
C2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)428E5 0-6-2T (LBSCR)2499H1 4-4-2 (LBSCR)18431858
2443253725672592E5X 0-6-2T (LBSCR)2037Selsey Bill1851
25282543257525762038Portland Bill
25342039Hartland Point
Allocation January 1947 (70)P 0-6-0TSECR2E1 0-6-0TLBSCR5
D1 0-4-2TSECR1D3 0-4-4TLBSCR6E4 0-6-2TLBSCR10
E5 0-6-2TLBSCR1E5X 0-6-2TLBSCR1I3 4-4-2TLBSCR5
H1 4-4-2LBSCR3C2X 0-6-0LBSCR8L12 4-4-0LSWR3
Schools 4-4-0SR3B4X 4-4-0LBSCR5N 2-6-0SECR6
K 2-6-0LBSCR11
Saturday 24 January 1948BTNtotal:51
D3 0-4-4T (LBSCR)P 0-6-0T (SECR)E4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)West Country 4-6-2K 2-6-0 (LBSCR)
2372BTN1325DOV2508NHN21C146EXJ Braunton2339BTN
S2389HOR1557BTN2513BTNSchools V 4-4-02342BTN
2398TWWE1 0-6-0T (LBSCR)2514BTN932BA Blundells2343BTN
E5 0-6-2T (LBSCR)2122BTN2566BTNH1 4-4-2 (LBSCR)2345BTN
S24003B2127BTN2577BTN2037BTN Selsey Bill2346BTN
2573HOR2139BTNI3 4-4-2T (LBSCR)H2 4-4-2 (LBSCR)2347BTN
E5X 0-6-2T (LBSCR)2606BTN2021TWW2424NHN Beachy Head23533B
2576BTNB4X 4-4-0 (LBSCR)2084BTNC2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)Q 0-6-0U1 2-6-0
D1 4-4-0 (SECR)2043BTNI1X 4-4-2T (LBSCR)2437BTN534TWW1890BTN
2253TWW2056BTN2006TWW2438BTNWD 8F 2-8-01909BAT
2073EBN26043B2523BTN77286BTNN 2-6-0 (SECR)
shed codes3B Three BridgesBA Bricklayer's ArmsBTN BrightonDOV DoverEBN Eastbourne
EXJ Exmouth JunctionHOR HorshamNHN NewhavenTWW Tunbridge Wells
Sunday 10 April 1949BTNtotal:59
D3 0-4-4T (LBSCR)E1 0-6-0T (LBSCR)C2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)U1 2-6-0West Country 4-6-2
2386BTN2127BTN2528BTN31890BTN34038BTN Lynton
2394TWW32139BTN25523B31892BTN34039BTN Boscastle
32376BTN32606BTN2554BA31893BTNBattle of Britain 4-6-2
H 0-4-4T (SECR)E4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)32437NHN31900BTN21C155SAL Fighter Pilot
31518TON2470BTN32443BTN31903BATH1 4-4-2 (LBSCR)
E5 0-6-2T (LBSCR)2471BTN32523BTN31905BAT2039BTN Hartland Point
2567BTN2485EBN32543BTNK 2-6-0 (LBSCR)H2 4-4-2 (LBSCR)
2587BTN2491BTNC 0-6-0 (SECR)2341BTN32422BTN North Foreland
32591BTN2509BTN31719BAT2342BTNN 2-6-0 (SECR)I3 4-4-2T (LBSCR)
P 0-6-0T (SECR)2577BTNQ 0-6-02345BTN1406BAT2080BTN
31325BTNS2505BTNWD 8F 2-8-032344BTNS1813BAT2088BTN
S1178BTN77090323523BJ1 4-6-2T (LBSCR)32030EBN
shed codes3B Three BridgesBA Bricklayer's ArmsBAT Stewart's LaneDOV DoverEBN Eastbourne
NHN NewhavenNOR Norwood Jct.SAL SalisburyTON TonbridgeTWW Tunbridge Wells
Sunday 13 May 195175Atotal:51
D3 0-4-4T (LBSCR)E4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)C2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)U1 2-6-0West Country 4-6-2
3237275A3247075A3244375A3189075A3403775A Clovelly
3238675A3247175A3252375A3189175A3403875A Lynton
E3 0-6-2T (LBSCR)3248675A3253475E3189375AH2 4-4-2 (LBSCR)
3216975A3250575A3254075A3189475A3242275A North Foreland
E5 0-6-2T (LBSCR)3250975A3254375GK 2-6-0 (LBSCR)N 2-6-0 (SECR)cl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)
3240075A3251175AQ 0-6-03233875A3141173A4208375A
3257575A3256675AP 0-6-0T (SECR)234275A3181573A4209075A
3258375AE1 0-6-0T (LBSCR)3132575A3234775A3182873B4209175A
I3 4-4-2T (LBSCR)3214575A3155675A3234975Ecl 5MT 4-6-04210175F
3208675A3214775AI1X 4-4-2T (LBSCR)3235075E453144AJ2 4-6-2T (LBSCR)
shed codes4A Bletchley73A Stewart's Lane73B Bricklayer's Arms75A Brighton75D Horsham
75E Three Bridges75F Tunbridge Wells75G Eastbourne
Sunday 1 June 195275Atotal:50
D3 0-4-4T (LBSCR)E4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)C2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)N 2-6-0 (SECR)West Country 4-6-2
3236475D3250475A3243475A3182873B3404575A Ottery St. Mary
3236575A3251175A3243775A3187273B3404675A Braunton
3236875A3251375A3243875AK 2-6-0 (LBSCR)3404775A Callington
3237675A3251475A3244075A3233775AH2 4-4-2 (LBSCR)
E3 0-6-2T (LBSCR)3251575A3244275A3233975A3242175A South Foreland
3216775A3256675A3244575C3234275A3242275A North Foreland
3216875AI3 4-4-2T (LBSCR)3252875E3234475ABR 4MT 2-6-4Tcl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)
3217075A3209175A WQ 0-6-03234775E8001675A4208275A
E5 0-6-2T (LBSCR)cl 5MT 4-6-03054575D3234975A8003175A4210575A
3257375A450711EP 0-6-0T (SECR)U1 2-6-08003375Acl 2MT 2-6-2T (I)
shed codes1E Bletchley2A Rugby72A Exmouth Junction73A Stewart's Lane73B Bricklayer's Arms
75A Brighton75B Redhill75C Norwood Jct.75D Horsham75E Three Bridges75F Tunbridge Wells
Sunday 15 March 195375Atotal:57
M7 0-4-4TE4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)C2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)K 2-6-0 (LBSCR)West Country 4-6-2
3002770C wks3251375A3243475A3233775A3403975A Boscastle
3004775D wks3251875A3243775A3234075A3404575A Ottery St. Mary
D3 0-4-4T (LBSCR)3255971A3243875A3234175A3404775A Callington
3237275A3256371A3244075A3234375AH2 4-4-2 (LBSCR)
3237675A3256675A3244175E3234575A3242475A Beachy Head
E3 0-6-2T (LBSCR)3257775A3244275A3234675A3242575A Trevose Head
3216575A3258375A3244975BN 2-6-0 (SECR)BR 4MT 2-6-4Tcl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)
3216775A3258875A3252573BU1 2-6-08003175A4208975A
3216875AE5 0-6-2T (LBSCR)P 0-6-0T (SECR)3189373A8003275Acl 2MT 2-6-2T (I)
3216975A3257375A3132575AS15 4-6-0 (LSWR)8003375A4130373B
A1X 0-6-0T (LBSCR)Q1 0-6-0E1 0-6-0T (LBSCR)wks - works traffic
shed codes70C Guildford71A Eastleigh72B Salisbury73A Stewart's Lane73B Bricklayer's Arms
74D Tonbridge75A Brighton75B Redhill75D Horsham75E Three Bridges
Sunday 17 April 195575Atotal:53
M7 0-4-4TE4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)C2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)K 2-6-0 (LBSCR)West Country 4-6-2
3012975A3246875A3243475A3233875A3404575A Ottery St. Mary
H 0-4-4T (SECR)3248275A3243775A3233975A3404675A Braunton
3131075A3248575A3243875A3234175A3404775A Callington
D3 0-4-4T (LBSCR)3251175A3244075A3234275ABattle of Britain 4-6-2
3239075A3251375A3244175A3234375A3406573A Hurricane
cl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)3251475A3244275A3234775EH2 4-4-2 (LBSCR)
4209173A3251575AC 0-6-0 (SECR)U1 2-6-03242475A Beachy Head
BR 4MT 2-6-4T3251675A3172475A3189073B3242575A Trevose Head
8001675A3256675A3172575A3190075A3242675A St. Albans Head
8001975A3257775AQ 0-6-03190175AP 0-6-0T (SECR)0-6-0 diesels
E3 0-6-2T (LBSCR)E5X 0-6-2T (LBSCR)3054271A3190375A3132575A1309213094
3216775A3257075AE2 0-6-0T (LBSCR)S15 4-6-0 (LSWR)3155675A1309313100
shed codes70B Feltham71A Eastleigh73A Stewart's Lane73B Bricklayer's Arms
75A Brighton75E Three Bridges
Saturday 23 June 195675Atotal:39 (shed) 13 (works)
M7 0-4-4TE4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)C2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)K 2-6-0 (LBSCR)West Country 4-6-2
3005575A3246875A3243475G3233775A3403975A Boscastle
3005675A3248475A3243775A3233875A3404775A Callington
3012975A3249475A3244075A3233975A3404875A Crediton
BR 4MT 2-6-4T3250475A3244275A3234475EH2 4-4-2 (LBSCR)
8001775A3251475A3252975EN 2-6-0 (SECR)3242175A South Foreland
8003275A3251575A3254075A3140973A3242275A North Foreland
8003375A3256275AQ 0-6-03141373A3242475A Beachy Head
cl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)3256675A3053775CBR 5MT 4-6-03242575A Trevose Head
4208275A3257775AL 4-4-0 (SECR)7311170A3242675A St. Albans Head
Brighton Works
M7 0-4-4TL 4-4-0 (SECR)V "Schools" 4-4-0N15 "King Arthur" 4-6-0
3003071A3176374D3093673B Cranleigh3073775B King Uthur W
3005373EU1 2-6-0West Country 4-6-2N15X "Rembrance" 4-6-0
P 0-6-0T (SECR)3189673A3404471B Woolacombe3233370D Remembrance W
3117874CE4X 0-6-2T (LBSCRE4 0-6-2T (LBSCRBR 4MT 2-6-4Tservice loco
3247875C W3248770C80138new377sW - withdrawn
shed codes70A Nine Elms70B Feltham70C Guildford70D Basingstoke71A Eastleigh
71B Bournemouth73A Stewart's Lane73B Bricklayer's Arms73E Faversham74C Dover74D Tonbridge
75A Brighton75B Redhill75C Norwood Jct.75E Three Bridges75G Eastbourne
Sunday 24 February 195775Atotal:48
M7 0-4-4TE4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)BR 4MT 2-6-4TN 2-6-0 (SECR)West Country 4-6-2
3005275A3246775A8001075A3141173A3400472A Yeovil
3005475A3246875A8003375A3181273A3404575A Ottery St. Mary
3032471B aw3247575A8014875A3187173B3404675A Braunton
P 0-6-0T (SECR)3248575A8014975AU1 2-6-03404775A Callington
3155675A3249475A8015075A3191074DN15 "King Arthur" 4-6-0
A1X 0-6-0T (LBSCR)3250275A8015175AK 2-6-0 (LBSCR)3074771A Elaine W
3265575A3250475AC2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)3233975AH2 4-4-2 (LBSCR)
C 0-6-0 (SECR)3251275A3243775A3234075A3242475A Beachy Head
3172475A3256275A3244175A3234375AL 4-4-0 (SECR)D 4-4-0 (SECR)
3172575A0-6-0 diesels3254075A3234475E3177675A3157470C W
1309413219700 0-6-03177775AS15 4-6-0 (LSWR)
13217132213032775Aaw - awaiting worksW - withdrawn3083675B
shed codes70C Guildford71A Eastleigh71B Bournemouth72A Exmouth Jct.73A Stewart's Lane
73B Bricklayer's Arms74D Tonbridge75A Brighton75B Redhill75E Three Bridges
Sunday 13 April 195875Atotal:55
M7 0-4-4TE4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)BR 4MT 2-6-4TK 2-6-0 (LBSCR)West Country 4-6-2
3003175A3246775A W8003175A3233875A3403975A Boscastle
3005475A3247575A8003375A3234075A3404675A Braunton
3005575A3248075A8014975A3234175A3404775A Callington
A1X 0-6-0T (LBSCR)3248475A8015075A3234275A3404875A Crediton
3264070F wks3250375A8015175A3234375AN15 "King Arthur" 4-6-0
3265575A3250775A8015275A3234775E3079673C Sir Dodinas le Savage
3267075A3250875A8015375AN 2-6-0 (SECR)3079973B Sir Ironside
C 0-6-0 (SECR)3251575A8015475A3184874AH2 4-4-2 (LBSCR)
3172475A3251975AC2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)U1 2-6-03242475A Beachy Head W
3172575A3257775A3244075A3190773AL 4-4-0 (SECR)0-6-0 diesels
T9 4-4-0 (LSWR)E3 0-6-2T (LBSCR)3244175AS15 4-6-0 (LSWR)3176673E13219D3218
to be preserved3216675A3244975A3177875A
shed codes70B Feltham70F Fratton73A Stewart's Lane73B Bricklayer's Arms73C Hither Green
73E Faversham74A Ashford75A Brighton75E Three Bridges
Allocation May 1959 (62)M7 0-4-4TLSWR7P 0-6-0TSECR2
A1X 0-6-0TLBSCR4C2X 0-6-0LBSCR3E4 0-6-2TLBSCR13
cl 4MT 2-6-4TLMS2BR 4MT 2-6-4TBR14K 2-6-0LBSCR6
Schools 4-4-0SR2L 4-4-0LBSCR3BR 4MT 4-6-0BR1
West Country 4-6-2SR5
Sunday 29 May 196075A11.52am - 12.15pmtotal:49
M7 0-4-4TE4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)BR 4MT 2-6-4TK 2-6-0 (LBSCR)West Country 4-6-2
3004975A3246875A8001375A3233975A3401975A Bideford
3005075A3247575A8003175A3234175A3409875A Templecombe
3005275A3249575A8003275A3234275ABattle of Britain 4-6-2
3005375A3250475A8003375A3234375A3405575A Fighter Pilot
3005675A3256275A8014375A3234475EV "Schools" 4-4-0
3011075A3258075A8014475AU 2-6-03090075A Eton
H 0-4-4T (SECR)E6 0-6-2T (LBSCR8015075A3161371A3090275A Wellington
3127675A3241873BC 0-6-0 (SECR)3161675B3091775A Ardingly
3154375AA1X 0-6-0T (LBSCR)3172575AU1 2-6-03091875A Hurstpierpoint
P 0-6-0T (SECR)3263575AL 4-4-0 (SECR)3189175A3091975A Harrow
3155675AC2X 0-6-0 (LBSCR)3177670AS15 4-6-0 (LSWR)0-6-0 diesels
shed codes70A Nine Elms70B Feltham71A Eastleigh73B Bricklayer's Arms75A Brighton
75B Redhill75E Three Bridges
Sunday 13 August 196175Atotal:49
E6 0-6-2T (LBSCRcl 2MT 2-6-2T (I)BR 4MT 2-6-4TK 2-6-0 (LBSCR)West Country 4-6-2
3241775A4126075A8004373J3233775A3400875A Padstow
3241875A4126175A8008975E3233875ABattle of Britain 4-6-2
3246875A4128375A8013875A3234075A3404972B Anti-Aircraft Command
3246975EBR 2MT 2-6-2T8014375A3234375A3405775A Biggin Hill
3247975A8402675A8014775A3234475AV "Schools" 4-4-0
3250375A8402775A8015075A3234875E3090075A Eton
E4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)C 0-6-0 (SECR)8015475AN 2-6-0 (SECR)3091175A Dover
3258075A3128075CD1 4-4-0 (SECR)3181975AN1 2-6-0 (SECR)0-6-0 diesels
A1X 0-6-0T (LBSCR)Q1 0-6-03185975A3189275ED2282D3218
3263575A3303870BU 2-6-0D2286D3219
shed codes70B Feltham72B Salisbury73B Bricklayer's Arms73J Tonbridge75A Brighton
75B Redhill75C Norwood Jct.75E Three Bridges
Sunday 3 June 196275A2.25pm - 3pmtotal:48
cl 2MT 2-6-2T (I)E6 0-6-2T (LBSCRK 2-6-0 (LBSCR)BR 4MT 2-6-4TWest Country 4-6-2
4126175A3241775A3233775A8003175A3400875A Padstow
4128375A3241875A3233875A8003375A3401975A Bideford
4130075AE4 0-6-2T (LBSCR)3234075A8014575ABattle of Britain 4-6-2
4130175A3246875A3234275A8014675A3405575A Fighter Pilot
4130375A3247475A3234375A8014875A3405775A Biggin Hill
4132475A3247975A3235275E8014975AV "Schools" 4-4-0
4132575A0-6-0 dieselsQ 0-6-08015275A3090175A Winchester
N 2-6-0 (SECR)D2280D30963053575AA1X 0-6-0T (LBSCR)3091775A Ardingly
3140275AD2281D32173053775D3263675A3092375A Bradfield
3186275BD2282D32183053875D3267075A3092975A Malvern
shed codes75A Brighton75B Redhill75D Stewart's Lane75E Three Bridges
Sunday 14 July 196375Atotal:41
cl 2MT 2-6-2T (I)BR 4MT 2-6-4TN 2-6-0 (SECR)E6 0-6-2T (LBSCRWest Country 4-6-2
4122375A8001375A3182375C3241775A W3401275A Launceston
4123075A8003175A3182775AA1X 0-6-0T (LBSCR)3401475A Budleigh Salterton
4128775A8003275A3182875A3264075A3402775A Taw Valley
4129975A8003375A3183175A3267875ABattle of Britain 4-6-2
4130075A8003475A3183375A0-6-0 diesels3408975A 602 Squadron
4130175A8008875F3185475DD2276D3094V "Schools" 4-4-0
4132575A8014575ABR 4MT 2-6-0D2282D31003091675B Whitgift W
4132775A8014975A7603075AD2283D3218BRCW T3 diesels
shed codes75A Brighton75B Redhill75C Norwood Jct.75D Stewart's Lane75E Three Bridges
Saturday 2 May 196475A4.50pm - 5.10pmtotal:22
cl 2MT 2-6-2T (I)BR 4MT 2-6-4TBRCW T3 diesels0-6-0 diesels
Brighton shed closed on 15th June 1964.

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