Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Kittybrewster 1937 - 1961

A Z4 0-4-2T at Kittybrewster. The Great North of Scotland Railway bought four 0-4-2T engines from Manning Wardle in 1915 for shunting duties at Aberdeen Docks.  The two smaller engines with 3' 6" driving wheels were classified Z4 (68190/91) and those with 4' wheels were class Z5 (68192/93).
Pre Grouping Ownership - Great North of Scotlandopened:closed to steam :1961
type:A stone built semi-roundhouseprior to 1949KITGoogle Map
location:On the west side of the station.1949 - 196161APhoto Feature
Sunday 1 August 1937KIT2.10pm - 2.35pmtotal:56
F4 2-4-2T (GER)D41 4-4-0 (GNoSR)D40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)D31 4-4-0 (NBR)B12 4-6-0 (GER)
G10 0-4-4T (GNoSR)687969076845George Davidson9730974085268531
68876888688369096846Benachie9733J36 0-6-0 (NBR)
N14 0-6-2T (NBR)689469106848Andrew BainD42 4-4-0 (GNoSR)9643Arras
9863689569116849Gordon Highlander680768189724
Z4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)689769126852Glen Grant6809J72 0-6-0T (NER)
68436844689869136854Southeskcl 2P 4-4-0 (F)21832312
Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)69006914C15 4-4-2T (NBR)5425662303
Sunday 17 July 1938KIT10.50am - 11amtotal:57
F4 2-4-2T (GER)D41 4-4-0 (GNoSR)D40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)D31 4-4-0 (NBR)B12 4-6-0 (GER)
G10 0-4-4T (GNoSR)6821689868359404973885028526
6887682268996845George Davidson9733973985038531
N14 0-6-2T (NBR)682369066847Sir David StewartD42 4-4-0 (GNoSR)85048548
9863682569076848Andrew Bain68076817J72 0-6-0T (NER)
Z4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)687869086849Gordon Highlander680921832312
68436844687969106850Hatton Castlecl 2P 4-4-0 (F)O4 2-8-0 (GCR)
Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)688069116852Glen Grant5426370
Thursday 4 July 1946KITtotal:32
F4 2-4-2T (GER)D41 4-4-0 (GNoSR)D40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)D31 4-4-0 (NBR)B12 4-6-0 (GER)
N14 0-6-2T (NBR)6821KIT6833KIT9732KIT1543KIT
9863KIT6823KEI6848KIT Andrew Bain9734KIT1563KIT
Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)6878KIT6849KIT Gordon Highlander9739KIT8521KIT
6830KIT6893KITJ35 0-6-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)9765STM wks8532KIT
6832KIT6898KIT4527STM5266KPS wks9767KIT8539KIT
9337DEEJ72 0-6-0T (NER)8560KIT
wks - Inverurie Works traffic8750KIT
Shed CodesKIT KittybrewsterDEE Dundee Tay BrdgKEI KeithKPS KippsSTM St. Margarets
Sunday 27 February 1949KITtotal:38
F4 2-4-2T (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)D41 4-4-0 (GNoSR)D40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)
G5 0-4-4T (NER)61511KIT61560KIT62228KIT62268KIT62272KIT
Z4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)61524KITJ72 0-6-0T (NER)62232KIT2274KIT Benachie
68190KIT61526KIT68700KITD31 4-4-0 (NBR)62276KIT Andrew Bain
68191KIT61528KIT68710KIT62065KIT62277KIT Gordon Highlander
Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)61529KIT68717KITcl 2P 4-4-0 (F)62278KIT Hatton Castle
68192KIT61539KIT68749KIT622KITJ36 0-6-0 (NBR)
wks - Inverurie Works traffic68750KIT40650KIT65294KPS wks
Shed CodesKIT KittybrewsterKPS Kipps
Sunday 28 May 195061Atotal:49
F4 2-4-2T (GER)B1 4-6-0B12 4-6-0 (GER)D41 4-4-0 (GNoSR)
G5 0-4-4T (NER)6132361A6140161A6150461A6155261A6222861A
Z4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)6134361A6140361A6150761AD40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)
Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)6134661CJ72 0-6-0T (NER)6152161A6226161A6227261A
6819361A6135061A6871061A6153261A6227561A Sir David Stewart
J36 0-6-0 (NBR)6135261A6871961A6153961A6227861A Hatton Castle
6521164F wks6135361C6874961A6227961A Glen Brant
wks - Inverurie Works traffic6875061A
Shed Codes61A Kittybrewster61C Keith64F Bathgate
Allocation - September 1950 (70)cl 2P 4-4-0LMS3B1 4-6-0LNER14
B12 4-6-0GER15D41 4-4-0GNoSR6D40 4-4-0GNoSR13
J36 0-6-0NBR1F4 2-4-2TGER3G5 0-4-4TNER2
V1 2-6-2TLNER2Z4 0-4-2TGNoSR2Z5 0-4-2TGNoSR2
J72 0-6-0TNER6N14 0-6-2TNBR1
Friday 22 June 195161Atotal:30
F4 2-4-2T (GER)B1 4-6-0B12 4-6-0 (GER)D40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)J69 0-6-0T (GER)
6716461A6126362B6151361A6227461A BenachieJ72 0-6-0T (NER)
G5 0-4-4T (NER)6134661A6152661A6227861A Hatton Castle6871961A
6728761A6134761A6153261A6227961A Glen Brant6875061A
6135161A6155261AZ4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)
6156361A6819061A6819361A6528064F wks
Shed Codes61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill62B Dundee Tay Brdg64F Bathgate
Saturday 12 April 195261Atotal:30
N15 0-6-2T (NBR)B12 4-6-0 (GER)B1 4-6-0J36 0-6-0 (NBR)
6915062A wks6150561A6124261C Alexander Reith Gray6524761A
BR 4MT 2-6-4T6150861A6130761AD40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)6528864A wks
8002161A6152161A6134661A6226161A6532362C wks
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)6152461A6134961A6227561A Sir David StewartJ37 0-6-0 (NBR)
4060361A6156061A6135161A6227661A Andrew Bain6454065A wks
4062261A6156361A6135261AZ4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)6458364F wks
4065061Acl 2MT 2-6-06140061A6819061A6819261AJ72 0-6-0T (NER)
4646061Awks - Inverurie Works traffic6871061A
Shed Codes61A Kittybrewster61C Keith62A Thornton Junction62C Dunfermline64A St. Margarets
64F Bathgate65A Eastfield
Tuesday 2 June 195361Atotal:39
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)B1 4-6-0D34 4-4-0 (NBR)J35 0-6-0 (NBR)
4062261A6124261C Alexander Reith Gray6246961A Glen Douglas6446065E wks
4065061A6132461A6135261A6247961A Glen Sheil6447868E wks
BR 4MT 2-6-4T6134561A6140061A6249361A Glen Gloy6448261A
8000561A6134861A6140161A6249761A Glen Mallie6448561B
8002061AD30 4-4-0 (NBR)B12 4-6-0 (GER)Z4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)J72 0-6-0T (NER)
8002161A6242564G Ellangowen wks6152861A6819061A6870061A
8002861AD11 4-4-06153961A6819161A6871061A
D40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)6267764B Edie Ochiltree wksK2 2-6-0 (GNR)Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)6871961A
6226061AJ36 0-6-0 (NBR)6179261A6819261A6874961A
Shed Codes61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith64B Haymarket64G Hawick
65E Kipps68E Carlisle Canal
Friday 21 May 195461Atotal:32
F4 2-4-2T (GER)cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)B1 4-6-0D34 4-4-0 (NBR)J72 0-6-0T (NER)
6715761A4060061A6130761A6246961A Glen Douglas6871961A
C15 4-4-2T (NBR)4065061A6130861C6248061A Glen Fruin6874961A
6745561AB12 4-6-0 (GER)6132461A6249361A Glen Gloy6875061A
6749661B6153961C6134661AA2 4-6-2J36 0-6-0 (NBR)
6750161BK2 2-6-0 (GNR)6135061A6053161B Barham6523464F wks
BR 4MT 2-6-4T6173461B6135261AZ4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)6524761B
8002161AD40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)6140161A6819161A6819261AWD 8F 2-8-0
6226961Ccl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)J35 0-6-0 (NBR)6819361A9053962A
5729567C wks6449865E wkswks - Inverurie Works traffic
Shed Codes61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith62A Thornton Junction64F Bathgate
65E Kipps67C Ayr
Sunday 24 July 195561Atotal:47
BR 4MT 2-6-4Tcl 2P 4-4-0 (F)B1 4-6-0D40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)
8000461A4060061A6124261C Alexander Reith Gray6227461A Benachie
8000561A4065061A6129461A6134361A6227661A Andrew Bain
8002061A4066361A6130861C6134961A6227861A Hatton Castle
8002861AJ72 0-6-0T (NER)6132461A6135261AD34 4-4-0 (NBR)
8010661A6870061A6133361A6246961A Glen Douglas
8010761A6871061AK2 2-6-0 (GNR)6248061A Glen Fruin
8010861A6871961A6177961C6179361C6248261A Glen Mamie
8010961A6875061A6178361A Loch Shiel6248961A Glen Dessary
Z4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)6179061A Loch Lomand6249361A Glen Gloy
6819061A6521361AV4 2-6-26249861A Glen Moidart
6819161A6524761A6170061B Bantam CockJ35 0-6-0 (NBR)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)
Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)6529761B6170161BV2 2-6-26448261A6457865A wks
Shed Codes61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith65A Eastfield
Thursday 16 August 195661Atotal:23
BR 4MT 2-6-4Tcl 2MT 2-6-0B1 4-6-0A2 4-6-2J72 0-6-0T (NER)
8000561A4646061A6130761C6053161B Barham 6871761A
8002061Acl 5MT 4-6-06132461AD34 4-4-0 (NBR)6874961A
8010661A4479461B6134361A6248961A Glen DessaryJ36 0-6-0 (NBR)
Z4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)6134761A6249761A Glen Mallie65222*64E wks
6819061A5724766B wks6134961AJ35 0-6-0 (NBR)6530361A
6819161A5743766A wks6135261A6451662Awks - Inverurie Works traffic* Somme
Shed Codes61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith62A Thornton Junction64E Polmont
66A Polmadie66B Motherwell
Sunday 16 June 195761A3.15pm - 3.40pmtotal:47
BR 4MT 2-6-4Tcl 2P 4-4-0 (F)B1 4-6-0D34 4-4-0 (NBR)J72 0-6-0T (NER)
8000561A4060361A6129461A6247961A Glen Sheil6871061A
8002961A4062261A6130761A6248061A Glen Fruin6871761A
8011161A4064861A6134361A6248261A Glen Mamie6871961A
8011261A4065061A6134661A6248961A Glen Dessary6874961A
8011361A4066361A6135061A6249761A Glen Malliecl 3F 0-6-0T (M)
8011461Acl 3P 4-4-0 (Pick)6135161AJ35 0-6-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)5632661B S
8011561A5448760A wks6140061A6448261A6524761A5634861B S
Z4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)K2 2-6-0 (GNR)V2 2-6-2J39 0-6-06525161Acl 2P 0-4-4T (M)
6819061A6174161A6085161B6497561B6530361A5518561C wks
6819161A6179361C6088861BD40 4-4-0 (GNoSR)cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)5519863C wks
Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)6226461C W5759161C wks
6819261AS - storedwks - Inverurie Works traffic
Shed Codes60A Inverness61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith63C Forfar
Sunday 20 July 195861Atotal:43
BR 4MT 2-6-4Tcl 2P 4-4-0 (F)BR 4MT 2-6-0D34 4-4-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)
8000561A4060461A7610661A6247961A Glen Sheil6521862A wks
8002061A4064861A7610861A6248061A Glen Fruin6524761A
8002161A4066361AV2 2-6-26248961A Glen Dessary6525161A
8002861Acl 2MT 2-6-06081961B6249361A Glen Gloy6526761C wks
8002961A4646061AJ72 0-6-0T (NER)6249761A Glen Mallie6530361A
8011161ABR 2MT 2-6-06871061A6249861A Glen Moidart6533362B wks
8011261A7805461C6871761AB1 4-6-06533861A
8011361AK2 2-6-0 (GNR)6874961A6124261A Alexander Reith GrayZ4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)
8011461A6174161A6875061A6134661AZ5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)6819061A
8011561A6179061A Loch LomondWD 8F 2-8-06819261A6819161A
9004161Bwks - Inverurie Works traffic
Shed Codes61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith62A Thornton Junction62B Dundee Tay Brdg
Allocation - March 1959 (50)cl 2P 4-4-0LMS5cl 2MT 2-6-0LMS1
B1 4-6-0LNER9K2 2-6-0GNR2D34 4-4-0NBR7
J36 0-6-0NBR5Z4 0-4-2TGNoSR1Z5 0-4-2TGNoSR1
J72 0-6-0TNER4N15 0-6-2TNBR1BR 4MT 2-6-0BR2
BR 2MT 2-6-0BR1BR 4MT 2-6-4TBR11
Wednesday 29 July 195961Atotal:51
cl 3MT 2-6-2T (F)B1 4-6-0D34 4-4-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)
4001161C6124261A Alexander Reith Gray6246861A Glen Orchy W6522161A
BR 4MT 2-6-4T6129461A6134761A6247961A Glen Sheil S6522761A
8000461A6134661AV2 2-6-26248261A Glen Mamie S6524761A
8002161Acl 2MT 2-6-06088861B6248961A Glen Dessary S6525161A
8011461A4646061A6097061B6249361A Glen Gloy S6530361A
8012261CBR 2MT 2-6-0BR 4MT 2-6-06249761A Glen Mallie S6533861A
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)7804561A7610461AD11 4-4-0J72 0-6-0T (NER)
4064861A7805361C7610661A6267962A Lord Glenallan W6871061A W
4065061AK2 2-6-0 (GNR)7610761AA2 4-6-26871961A
4066361A6177961CZ4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)6053161B Barham 6874961A
N15 0-6-2T (NBR)WD 8F 2-8-06819061AZ5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)Y9 0-4-0ST (NBR)6875061A S
6912761B W9004161B6819161A W6819261A S6811765E wks
0-4-0 diesels0-6-0 dieselwks - Inverurie Works traffic
D2416D2417D2419D2421D2424D3552S - storedW - withdrawn
Shed Codes61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith62A Thornton Junction65E Kipps
Wednesday 27 July 196061Atotal:39
BR 4MT 2-6-4Tcl 2P 4-4-0 (F)A2 4-6-2J36 0-6-0 (NBR)0-4-0 diesels
8002061A4064861A6052861B Tudor Minstrel6522761AD2414D2419
8002161A4065061AB1 4-6-06525161AD2416D2424
8011161A4066361A6124261A Alexander Reith Gray6530361AD2417
8011361CJ72 0-6-0T (NER)6134561A6134661A0-6-0 dieselNBL T2 diesels
8012161C6871761AJ37 0-6-0 (NBR)J39 0-6-0D3552D6140D6146
BR 4MT 2-6-06871961A6459265F wks6485252A wksEE T1 dieselsD6141D6148
7610561A6874961A6461065H wksD8028D8030D6142
7610861A6875061AD40 4-4-0 (GNoSR) - preservedD8029
4949 Gordon Highlanderwks - Inverurie Works traffic
Shed Codes52A Gateshead61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith
65F Grangemouth65H Helensburgh
Sunday 2 April 196161Atotal:41
BR 4MT 2-6-4Tcl 5MT 4-6-0B1 4-6-0J36 0-6-0 (NBR)0-4-0 dieselsNBL T2 diesels
8002961ABR 5MT 4-6-06134761A6530361AD2419D6142D6156
8011261A7310467A6140061AWD 8F 2-8-0EE T1 dieselsD6145D6157
N15 0-6-2T (NBR)BR 4MT 2-6-0V2 2-6-29004161BD8028D8031D6150
6918061A W7610561A6089861B9045561BD80290-6-0 diesels
cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)cl 4F 0-6-0J35 0-6-0 (NBR)D3553D3930
5762767D wks4432065F wks6451064F wkswks - Inverurie Works traffic
Shed Codes61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill64F Bathgate65F Grangemouth
67A Corkerhill67D Ardrossan
Kittybrewster closed to steam on 12th June 1961

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