Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Inverurie Works 1956 - 1965

Tuesday 14 February 1956total:23
cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)D34 4-4-0 (NBR)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)cl 3F 0-6-0T (M)
5517460B W6249761A Glen Mallie6454364A6462365A5629160A
N15 0-6-2T (NBR)D11 4-4-06454463B6463365A5632661B
6920161B6267465A Flora MacIvor6455865A6463764AJ36 0-6-0 (NBR)
J72 0-6-0T (NER)6268965A Maid of Lorn6456264AJ35 0-6-0 (NBR)6524164E
6871761A ws6269164B Laird of Balmawhapple6459964A6449865E6530063D
cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)6460262A6452065D
Tuesday 16 October 1956total:24
cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)D34 4-4-0 (NBR)J35 0-6-0 (NBR)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)
5522161C6246862A Glen Orchy6446264A6460564A6526761C
cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)6248261A Glen Mamie6448261A6462165C6531164E
5732166A6248562B Glen Murran6450664Acl 2P 4-4-0 (F)6533062B
5743566BD11 4-4-06451264F4057067B6534664F
5744766A6267365A Evan Dhu6453664Ccl 5MT 4-6-0
6267864B Luckie Mucklebackit6453764E4525167A
6268265A Haystoun of Bucklaw
Shed Codes60A Inverness60B Aviemore61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith
62A Thornton Junction62B Dundee Tay Brdg63B Stirling South63D Fort William64A St. Margarets64B Haymarket
64C Dalry Road64E Polmont64F Bathgate65A Eastfield65C Parkhead65D Dawsholm
65E Kipps66A Polmadie66B Motherwell67A Corkerhill67B Hurlford
Monday 17 June 1957total:19
cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)D30 4-4-0 (NBR)D11 4-4-0J37 0-6-0 (NBR)
5523660C6241862A The Pirate6268965A Maid of Lorn6454764A
5523865F6242663B Cuddie Headriggcl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)J35 0-6-0 (NBR)6455662B
N15 0-6-2T (NBR)cl 3P 4-4-0 (Pick)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)5725965G6449164F6460462C
cl 3F 0-6-0T (M)cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)6462165C
Tuesday 10 December 1957total:19
cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)D30 4-4-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)
5518561C6243564G Norna6526564F6455662B6461762C
cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)cl 3P 4-4-0 (Pick)cl 3F 0-6-0T (M)6531164E6456762C6462665C
5726463B5446360A5624061BJ35 0-6-0 (NBR)6457764A6463464F
5736366BJ72 0-6-0T (NER)6451064F6459264E6463865A
6871761A ws6459964A
Shed Codes60A Inverness60C Helmsdale61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith62A Thornton Junction
62B Dundee Tay Brdg62C Dunfermline63B Stirling South64A St. Margarets64E Polmont64F Bathgate
64G Hawick65A Eastfield65C Parkhead65D Dawsholm65E Kipps65F Grangemouth
65G Yoker66A Polmadie66B Motherwell68B Dumfries
Tuesday 27 May 1958total:17
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)cl 4F 0-6-0J35 0-6-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)
4065061A4425863A6449564C W6527764F6454362C6459164C
Friday 9 January 1959total:22
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)cl 3P 4-4-0 (Pick)cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)J35 0-6-0 (NBR)
4062261Ccl 2P 0-4-4T (M)cl 4F 0-6-06460564A6531764G6453264A
4062467D5521263A W4418967A6461065C6532112C0-6-0 diesel
4068767BJ72 0-6-0T (NER)4431512A6461762C6534464FD3552ws
4068967B6871761A wsW - withdrawnws - works shunter
Saturday 5 September 1959total:19
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)K2 2-6-0 (GNR)cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)J35 0-6-0 (NBR)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)
4057367B W4399667A6179361C W5756564C6447562C W6453664A W
4060667D Wcl 4F 0-6-0N15 0-6-2T (NBR)5757267B6448561B W6458364F
4061067C W4423465F6912761B W5759265DJ36 0-6-0 (NBR)6459365F
D30 4-4-0 (NBR)6919262C W5763767B6524364B Maude
6242762C Dumbledykes W
Shed Codes12A Carlisle Kingmoor12C Carlisle Canal61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith
62A Thornton Junction62C Dunfermline63A Perth South64A St. Margarets64B Haymarket64C Dalry Road
64E Polmont64F Bathgate64G Hawick65C Parkhead65D Dawsholm65E Kipps
65F Grangemouth67A Corkerhill67B Hurlford67C Ayr67D Ardrossan
Monday 4 January 1960total:16
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)D34 4-4-0 (NBR)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)J35 0-6-0 (NBR)J38 0-6-0
4066361A6248061A Glen Fruin W6453864A W6449662C W6592462C
cl 5MT 4-6-0J36 0-6-0 (NBR)cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)6454764A6450164C W 0-6-0 diesel
4546961B6531164E5761467C6456664A6451362C WD3549ws
6462962A6453062B W
Monday 13 June 1960total:30
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)J39 0-6-0 (LNER)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)NBL T2 diesels
cl 5MT 4-6-0J38 0-6-06526564F6454662A6461065HD6143D6147
4549763A6593062C6534164F6459265F0-4-0 dieselsEE T1 diesel
Z4 0-4-2T (GNoSR)Z5 0-4-2T (GNoSR)J35 0-6-0 (NBR)D2415D2420D8028
6819061A W6819261A W6446864F WD2418D2424
Shed Codes12C Carlisle Canal52A Gateshead61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill62A Thornton Junction
62B Dundee Tay Brdg62C Dunfermline63A Perth South64A St. Margarets64C Dalry Road64E Polmont
64F Bathgate
Monday 22 May 1961total:29
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)D34 4-4-0 (NBR)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)NBL T2 diesels
4062261C W6249564F Glen Luss W6457065K6526164FD6142D6154
N15 0-6-2T (NBR)B1 4-6-0cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)6457165K6528565ED6146D6156
6913464A W6135261A4390212A6457664A6529565C W 0-6-0 diesels
BR 4MT 2-6-4TBR 4MT 2-6-04401612B6458364F6533861BD3547D3551
8011561B7611162Ccl 4F 0-6-06462464AJ35 0-6-0 (NBR)0-4-0 diesels
4425363AJ39 0-6-0 (LNER)6447662CD2415D2416
Thursday 28 September 1961total:29
cl 4F 0-6-0cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)J39 0-6-0 (LNER)cl 5MT 4-6-0BRCW T2 diesel
4425463A5725165B6455965C6491652D W4492563AD5322D5326
4428167B5734867D6458065AJ36 0-6-0 (NBR)EE T4 dieselNBL T2 diesel
443158G5737766B W6463665KWD 8F 2-8-00-4-0 dieselsEE T1 diesel
4433167Ccl 3F 0-6-0 (M)J83 0-6-0T (NBR)9061462AD2412D2419D8031
5757267B6847165K WD2417railbus
Shed Codes8G Sutton Oak12A Carlisle Kingmoor12B Carlisle Upperby52D Tweedmouth52H Tyne Dock
61A Kittybrewster61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith62A Thornton Junction62C Dunfermline63A Perth South
64A St. Margarets64F Bathgate65A Eastfield65B St. Rollox65C Parkhead65E Kipps
65K Polmont66A Polmadie66B Motherwell67B Hurlford67C Ayr67D Ardrossan
During the early 1960s, the works was tasked with cutting up an increasing number of locos. To cope with this problem
a field beyond the Works was used to temporarily store the remains of locomotives, mainly boilers and fireboxes.
Saturday 17 February 1962number receiving attention:15"cemetery" scrap yard:28
cl 4F 0-6-0cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)0-4-0 dieselNBL T2 diesels
4418967C5724665J W6455364F6529765DD2733D6120D6155
4419867B5742965F W6457065K6532764ABR T2 dieselD6144
Saturday 21 April 1962number receiving attention:24"cemetery" scrap yard:35
cl 4F 0-6-0cl 5MT 4-6-0J37 0-6-0 (NBR)J38 0-6-00-6-0 diesel
4428366Acl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)6457065K6460262B0-4-0 dieselsNBL T2 diesel
4432863A6457664A6462762BD2723EE T1 diesel
Tuesday 14 August 1962number receiving attention:17"cemetery" scrap yard:29
cl 5MT 4-6-0J37 0-6-0 (NBR)0-4-0 diesels0-6-0 dieselNBL T2 diesels
J38 0-6-06457065K6461464AD2723D6139D6147
6592662C6458364Fws - works shunterD6142D6153
"Cemetery" scrap yard - February to August 1962
40574cl 2P 4-4-067B WFeb-62Apr-62Aug-62
40579cl 2P 4-4-067D WAug-62
40594cl 2P 4-4-063A WFeb-62Apr-62Jun-62Aug-62
40603cl 2P 4-4-061C WFeb-62Apr-62
40618cl 2P 4-4-061B WFeb-62Apr-62Jun-62Aug-62
40619cl 2P 4-4-067B WFeb-62Apr-62Jun-62
40645cl 2P 4-4-067B WApr-62Jun-62
40647cl 2P 4-4-067B WApr-62Jun-62
40650cl 2P 4-4-061B WFeb-62
40663cl 2P 4-4-061B WFeb-62
43902cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)12A WJun-62Aug-62
44016cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)12A WAug-62
44258cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)60A WJun-62Aug-62
44319cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)67C WFeb-62Apr-62Jun-62
54483cl 3P 4-4-0 (Pick)65B WAug-62
54491cl 3P 4-4-0 (Pick)60D WFeb-62
54493cl 3P 4-4-0 (Pick)60A WFeb-62Apr-62
55165cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)64C WApr-62Jun-62
55173cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)63C WAug-62
55198cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)60A WFeb-62
55207cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)63C WFeb-62
55208cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)63C WFeb-62
55215cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)63C WFeb-62
55216cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)60A WFeb-62
55217cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)63C WAug-62
55220cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)63C WJun-62
55222cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)65J WFeb-62Apr-62Jun-62
55226cl 2P 0-4-4T (M)63A WFeb-62Apr-62
55227cl 2P 0-4-4T (Pick)60A WFeb-62Apr-62
55229cl 2P 0-4-4T (Pick)64C WApr-62Jun-62
55230cl 2P 0-4-4T (Pick)63C WFeb-62
55232cl 2P 0-4-4T (Pick)68B WAug-62
55261cl 2P 0-4-4T (Pick)66E WJun-62
56305cl 3F 0-6-0T (M)60A WFeb-62Apr-62
56341cl 3F 0-6-0T (M)60A WApr-62
57257cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)65J WFeb-62
57349cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)68B WFeb-62Apr-62Jun-62
57411cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)65B WApr-62Jun-62
57429cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)65F WFeb-62Apr-62
57451cl 2F 0-6-0 (Dr)66E WAug-62
57552cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)66D WFeb-62Apr-62Jun-62Aug-62
57554cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)65D WFeb-62Apr-62Jun-62Aug-62
57557cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)65B WApr-62Jun-62
57559cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)64C WApr-62Jun-62Aug-62
57560cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)64C WApr-62Jun-62
57585cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)60D WFeb-62Apr-62
61996K4 2-6-062A WApr-62Jun-62
61998K4 2-6-062C WApr-62Jun-62
64487J35 0-6-0 (NBR)62C WApr-62
64500J35 0-6-0 (NBR)64C WAug-62
64533J35 0-6-0 (NBR)64A WAug-62
64534J35 0-6-0 (NBR)65E WApr-62Jun-62Aug-62
64542J37 0-6-0 (NBR)65E WApr-62Jun-62
64545J37 0-6-0 (NBR)62C WAug-62
64578J37 0-6-0 (NBR)65A WAug-62
64590J37 0-6-0 (NBR)64A WJun-62
64963J39 0-6-062C WApr-62Jun-62
65232J36 0-6-0 (NBR)65E WAug-62
65246J36 0-6-0 (NBR)65C WFeb-62Apr-62
65280J36 0-6-0 (NBR)65K WAug-62
65296J36 0-6-0 (NBR)65A WApr-62
65318J36 0-6-0 (NBR)64F WJun-62Aug-62
65330J36 0-6-0 (NBR)64G WAug-62
65346J36 0-6-0 (NBR)64F WAug-62
68332J88 0-6-0T (NBR)62A WApr-62Jun-62Aug-62
68338J88 0-6-0T (NBR)64A WApr-62Jun-62
68459J83 0-6-0T (NBR)62A WFeb-62
69137N15 0-6-2T (NBR)65K WAug-62
Shed Codes12A Carlisle Kingmoor60A Inverness60D Wick61B Aberdeen F'Hill61C Keith
62A Thornton Junction62B Dundee Tay Brdg62C Dunfermline63A Perth South63C Forfar64A St. Margarets
64C Dalry Road64F Bathgate64G Hawick65A Eastfield65B St. Rollox65C Parkhead
65D Dawsholm65E Kipps65F Grangemouth65J Stirling65K Polmont66A Polmadie
66B Motherwell66D Greenock66E Carstairs67B Hurlford67C Ayr67D Ardrossan
68B Dumfries
Saturday 13 April 1963total:20
cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)J37 0-6-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)J38 0-6-00-4-0 diesels
5764564C W6454362C W6460864A6521865A W6592162AD2414D2750
J39 0-6-0 (NER)6455662B W6460965C W6531212C W6592764ANBL T2 diesels
6478662B W6459464A W6461762C W6532112C WD6138D6151
6459862B W6462464AD6146
Saturday 1 June 1963total:24
cl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)B1 4-6-0J39 0-6-0 (NER)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)J88 0-6-0T (NBR)NBL T2 diesels
4227364C6110362A6479562C W6523712C W6834662C WD6138D6150
cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)6140464A6495062BWD 8F 2-8-00-4-0 dieselsD6140
5761765B WJ37 0-6-0 (NBR)6498662A9007761B WD2416D2418EE T1 diesel
5763165B W6459964AJ38 0-6-09057562C W0-6-0 dieselsD8031D8032
August to October 1963steam locos repaired
cl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)cl 5MT 4-6-0J37 0-6-0 (NBR)J36 0-6-0 (NBR)J38 0-6-0
cl 5MT 2-6-0 (H/F)4495566E6458862ABR 4MT 2-6-4T6590862A6592662C
Locos scrapped at Inverurie - August 1963 to October 1963
43902cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)12A WAug-63
45049cl 5MT 4-6-065J WOct-63
57565cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)64C WSep-63Oct-63
57617cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)65B WAug-63Sep-63
57631cl 3F 0-6-0 (M)65B WAug-63
60819V2 2-6-264A WOct-63
60827V2 2-6-264A WOct-63
60840V2 2-6-264A WOct-63
60851V2 2-6-261B WSep-63
60894V2 2-6-264A WOct-63
60937V2 2-6-264A WOct-63
60959V2 2-6-261B WSep-63
64499J35 0-6-0 (NBR)12C WAug-63
64568J37 0-6-0 (NBR)62C WSep-63Oct-63
64581J37 0-6-0 (NBR)65A WAug-63
64598J37 0-6-0 (NBR)62B WAug-63Sep-63
64600J37 0-6-0 (NBR)62B WAug-63Sep-63Oct-63
64609J37 0-6-0 (NBR)65C WAug-63Sep-63Oct-63
64627J37 0-6-0 (NBR)62B WOct-63
64795J39 0-6-062C WAug-63Sep-63
64822J39 0-6-062B WSep-63
64946J39 0-6-062C WAug-63
64950J39 0-6-062B WSep-63Oct-63
65217J36 0-6-0 (NBR)65F WAug-63
65237J36 0-6-0 (NBR)12C WAug-63Sep-63
65241J36 0-6-0 (NBR)65E WAug-63Sep-63Oct-63
65253J36 0-6-0 (NBR)62C WOct-63
65257J36 0-6-0 (NBR)65F WAug-63
65260J36 0-6-0 (NBR)65E WAug-63Sep-63
65261J36 0-6-0 (NBR)64F WAug-63Sep-63
65304J36 0-6-0 (NBR)65J WAug-63
65312J36 0-6-0 (NBR)12C WOct-63
65316J36 0-6-0 (NBR)64F WSep-63
65341J36 0-6-0 (NBR)64F WOct-63
65928J38 0-6-062C WAug-63
67605V3 2-6-2T64A WAug-63Sep-63Oct-63
67606V3 2-6-2T64A WAug-63Sep-63Oct-63
67615V3 2-6-2T64B WAug-63Sep-63Oct-63
67655V1 2-6-2T65C WAug-63Sep-63Oct-63
67668V3 2-6-2T64A WAug-63Sep-63Oct-63
67674V3 2-6-2T64A WAug-63Sep-63Oct-63
68479J83 0-6-0T65A WAug-63
90193WD 8F 2-8-062A WOct-63
90536WD 8F 2-8-061B WSep-63Oct-63
90542WD 8F 2-8-062C WSep-63Oct-63
90575WD 8F 2-8-062C WAug-63Sep-63Oct-63
Shed Codes12A Carlisle Kingmoor12C Carlisle Canal61B Aberdeen F'Hill62A Thornton Junction62B Dundee Tay Brdg
62C Dunfermline64A St. Margarets64B Haymarket64C Dalry Road64F Bathgate64G Hawick
65A Eastfield65B St. Rollox65C Parkhead65E Kipps65F Grangemouth65J Stirling
66A Polmadie66B Motherwell66E Carstairs67C Ayr67E Dumfries
Steam in Works during 1964
cl 5MT 4-6-0J37 0-6-0 (NBR)A3 4-6-2J38 0-6-0
4472263A4501166E6455862B6008964A Felstead W6590562A
4488066B4501665J6457962C WA1 4-6-26591564A
4492563A4519467C6459964A6015964A Bonnie Dundee WBR 2MT 2-6-0
4495666E4521365JD49 4-4-0 (preserved loco)7805464F
W - withdrawn62712Morayshire
Steam in Works from June to September 1965
cl 5MT 4-6-0cl 5MT 2-6-0 (H/F)A3 4-6-2J37 0-6-0 (NBR)J38 0-6-0
4479461B4290867C6005264A Prince Palatine6460262B6591462A
4496063ABR 2MT 2-6-0B1 4-6-0BR 5MT 4-6-06460662A6592062C
4499763A7804964G6100865A Kudu7300861B W6461162C6592562A
4547263AWD 8F 2-8-06113362A6462165F W6592662C W
Tuesday 10 August 1965total:29
cl 5MT 4-6-0J38 0-6-0A3 4-6-20-4-0 dieselsNBL T2 diesels
4496063A6591462A6005264A Prince PalatineD2414D2421D6102D6140
4499763A6592062CJ37 0-6-0 (NBR)BRCW T2 dieselD2415D2424D6105D6146
BR 5MT 4-6-06592562A6460262BD5303D2418D6110D6151
7300861B WBR 2MT 2-6-06462165F WBR T2 diesel0-6-0 dieselsD6121D6157
Shed Codes61B Aberdeen F'Hill62A Thornton Junction62B Dundee Tay Brdg62C Dunfermline63A Perth South
64A St. Margarets64F Bathgate64G Hawick65A Eastfield65F Grangemouth65J Stirling
66B Motherwell66E Carstairs67C Ayr

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