Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Stratford Works 1934 - 1950

A former Great Eastern Y4 class 0-4-0T (8129) in use as a works shunter on 18th February, 1961.  Photo: Ben Brooksbank Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0.
Stratford Works
Stratford Works comprised two locomotive workshops separated by a main line. Both dated from Great Eastern days and the oldest, opened in 1847, was situated on the east (Up) side of the Cambridge line, adjacent to the station. It was built at a right angle to that line, a turntable being used as a means of entry entry. The more modern workshop, known as High Meads, was built west of the main-line, in 1915.
Saturday 1 September 1934total:60
New Works
N7 0-6-2T (GER)N2 0-6-2T (GNR)J15 0-6-0 (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)B17 "Sandringham" 4-6-0
456987473775417899*853585632815Culford Hall
828*2607F4 2-4-2T (GER)7544*7901*85402817Ford Castle
83826347211* W7699* W7915*D16 4-4-0 (GER)2820Clumber
9412639G4 0-4-4T (GER)J20 0-6-0 (GER)8852*2831Serlby Hall
94779908137* W8282*8292*E4 2-4-0 (GER)2840Somerleyton Hall P
95279928289*7418* WJ65 0-6-0T (GER)J69 0-6-0T (GER)
W - withdrawn* stripping shopP - paint shop 7150*70857380
Old Works
N7 0-6-2T (GER)F3 2-4-2T (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)J66 0-6-0T (GER)J15 0-6-0 (GER)J69 0-6-0T (GER)
7993F5 2-4-2T (GER)D15 4-4-0 (GER)J68 0-6-0T (GER)7547793772697389
778688377031J20 0-6-0 (GER)
F6 2-4-2T (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)J17 0-6-0 (GER)82808294
Saturday 9 May 1936total:51
New Works
N7 0-6-2T (GER)F3 2-4-2T (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)B17 "Sandringham" 4-6-0
935*2641*8095*88048868*850985722826Brancepeth Castle
4 2-4-0 (GER)F5 2-4-2T (GER)8847887185418577J17 0-6-0 (GER)J68 0-6-0T (GER)
W - withdrawnD13 4-4-0 (GER)D15 4-4-0 (GER)8566J27 0-6-0 (NER)J15 0-6-0 (GER)
* stripping shop8020* W8035* W889423627522* W7635* W
Old Works
Y4 0-4-0T (GER)F4 2-4-2T (GER)D15 4-4-0 (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)J17 0-6-0 (GER)J15 0-6-0 (GER)
72107080 W8889 P88968821 P88828195822975177535 W
Y5 0-4-0ST (GER)E4 2-4-0 (GER)88918900 P8865J66 0-6-0T (GER)7825
72307484 W7489 W8892D13 4-4-0 (GER)7281J19 0-6-0 (GER)
B12 4-6-0 (GER)7729 W8029 WJ65 0-6-0T (GER)8264
W - withdrawnP - paint shop 8550 P7775 W7248 W
Saturday 12 March 1938total:77
New Works
N7 0-6-2T (GER)F3 2-4-2T (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)J15 0-6-0 (GER)H2 4-4-4T (Met)
26027991*8065* W852285388792*88567886*6415
2607*F6 2-4-2T (GER)8523854588268858J19 0-6-0 (GER)H 4-4-4T (Met)
N1 0-6-2T (GNR)7789*8525856588478879*8148*108110
4583*E4 2-4-0 (GER)85268579D13 4-4-0 (GER)J17 0-6-0 (GER)109
N2 0-6-2T (GNR)7490*A 4-4-0 (M&GN)8029* W8039*8165*
8962673028* WD52 4-4-0 (M&GN)J41 0-6-0 (M&GN)
W - withdrawn* stripping shop078* W071*
Old Works
N7 0-6-2T (GER)F5 2-4-2T (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)J15 0-6-0 (GER)J69 0-6-0T (GER)
834714588068887J20 0-6-0 (GER)7696 W7903 W70597353
N1 0-6-2T (GNR)F4 2-4-2T (GER)88658286789372717385
45527071D13 4-4-0 (GER)J17 0-6-0 (GER)J19 0-6-0 (GER)J93 0-6-0T (M&GN)
N2 0-6-2T (GNR)G 0-6-4T (Met)802381698250016
2668475594Y3 0-4-0TY5 0-4-0ST (GER)J68 0-6-0T (GER)
paint shopworks shed
M2 0-6-4T (Met)J92 0-6-0 crane tank (GER)J69 0-6-0T (GER)J67 0-6-0T (GER)J41 0-6-0 (M&GN)
Saturday 5 July 1941total:54
New Works
N7 0-6-2T (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)A 4-4-0 (M&GN)J15 0-6-0 (GER)J69 0-6-0T (GER)
26132628884985208538025 W7514*782170597362
26202641*D15 4-4-0 (GER)85387643*J68 0-6-0T (GER)
N2 0-6-2T (GNR)8898B17 "Sandringham" 4-6-0J17 0-6-0 (GER)7050
4729D53 4-4-0 (M&GN)2812Houghton Hall8216*8228*J67 0-6-0T (GER)
M2 0-6-4T (Met)044 WJ40 0-6-0 (M&GN)J19 0-6-0 (GER)82247403
6156060 W073* W8291*Y3 0-4-0T
W - withdrawn* stripping shop61*
Old Works
N7 0-6-2T (GER)F3 2-4-2T (GER)F6 2-4-2T (GER)J20 0-6-0 (GER)J15 0-6-0 (GER)J69 0-6-0T (GER)
2625F4 2-4-2T (GER)J70 0-6-0T (GER)J19 0-6-0 (GER)J17 0-6-0 (GER)7085
Y4 0-4-0T (GER)707971257137824082678160J68 0-6-0T (GER)
7210J65 0-6-0T (GER)70257032
works shed7250
J92 0-6-0 crane tank (GER)J66 0-6-0T (GER)
Sunday 21 March 1943total:106
New Works
F4 2-4-2T (GER)N2 0-6-2T (GNR)B12 4-6-0 (GER)O4 2-8-0 (GCR)J15 0-6-0 (GER)J67 0-6-0T (GER)
Y4 0-4-0T (GER)L2 2-6-4T (Met)852262536221*J17 0-6-0 (GER)7013*
72106160D16 4-4-0 (GER)627181718220*J69 0-6-0T (GER)
Y5 0-4-0ST (GER)J40 0-6-0 (M&GN)88758883*J39 0-6-0J19 0-6-0 (GER)7270*
72300598861*27088263*J93 0-6-0T (M&GN)
* stripping shop097*
Old Works
F3 2-4-2T (GER)N7 0-6-2T (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)J15 0-6-0 (GER)J69 0-6-0T (GER)
F5 2-4-2T (GER)N2 0-6-2T (GNR)88148885J20 0-6-0 (GER)76487266
77884606461088218281J17 0-6-0 (GER)J70 0-6-0T (GER)
N1 0-6-2T (GNR)O4 2-8-0 (GCR)817281997130
works shed
J92 0-6-0 crane tank (GER)J39 0-6-0J69 0-6-0T (GER)J66 0-6-0T (GER)
Works Yards
F3 2-4-2T (GER)N1 0-6-2T (GNR)B17 "Sandringham" 4-6-0J15 0-6-0 (GER)D5? 4-4-0 (M&GN)
8077456746042811Raynham Hall78577595 W012 W047 W
F5 2-4-2T (GER)45692839Norwich City7915020 W052 W
7589N2 0-6-2T (GNR)B12 4-6-0 (GER)J39 0-6-0J20 0-6-0 (GER)046 W
F6 2-4-2T (GER)26654764742685642722294282798288J40 0-6-0 (M&GN)
70684744743785712724J17 0-6-0 (GER)061 W
M2 0-6-4T (Met)N7 0-6-2T (GER)85418572O4 2-8-0 (GCR)81738239J41 0-6-0 (M&GN)
6157 W8262602D16 4-4-0 (GER)63136505J67 0-6-0T (GER)069 W
8538859636165107019W - withdrawn
Sunday 16 September 1945total:62
New Works - Erecting shop and yard
F4 2-4-2T (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)B17 "Sandringham" 4-6-0J39 0-6-0
7072*85162833CAM Kimbolton castle2715STR2717STR
N7 0-6-2T (GER)8540IPSD16 4-4-0 (GER)2724STR2722STR
7979STR8566IPS883987882973IPSJ67 0-6-0T (GER)
L2 2-6-4T (Met)8534YAR W8856*MAR8816STR2995STR7019STR
V1 2-6-2T85767692J15 0-6-0 (GER)2712STR7352LIN
490STRJ52 0-6-0ST (GNR)77277813CAM2714STR7169*
4232KXW - withdrawn* stripping shop
Old Works - Erecting shop and yard
N7 0-6-2T (GER)Y5 0-4-0ST (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)J39 0-6-0J19 0-6-0 (GER)J67 0-6-0T (GER)
F3 2-4-2T (GER)Y4 0-4-0T (GER)8840CAM2699IPS8250KLJ68 0-6-0T (GER)
80457210STRD15 4-4-0 (GER)2723PKS8260MAR7043STR
Y10 0-4-0T (Sentinel)8898STRJ15 0-6-0 (GER)J20 0-6-0 (GER)J17 0-6-0 (GER)
* ex 8403/4, new nos: 8186/77869KL8282CAM
works shed7928
J92 0-6-0 crane tank (GER)F6 2-4-2T (GER)J66 0-6-0T (GER)
Shed CodesCAM CambridgeCOL ColchesterIPS IpswichKX Kings CrossLIN Lincoln
MAR MarchNEA NeasdenPKS ParkestonSTR StratfordYAR Yarmouth South
Saturday 1 February 1947total:158
At the end of the war, there was a huge backlog of engines awaiting repair. Some locos spent six months in the Works.
New Works - Erecting Shop
V1 2-6-2TB12 4-6-0 (GER)B17 "Sandringham" 4-6-0J15 0-6-0 (GER)
7671STR1514STR1619CAM Welbeck Abbey5381STR5434STR
7680STR1522STR1624CAM Lumley Castle5385COL5444STR
J39 0-6-01541STR1628CAM Harewood House5431PKS
4728LIN1562IPS1633CAM Kimbolton CastleB2 "Sandringham" 4-6-0
4770STR1565STR1638CAM Melton Hall1644NOR Earlham Hall
4782STR1645IPS The Suffolk Regiment
Stripping Shop
N7 0-6-2T (GER)N2 0-6-2T (GNR)D16 4-4-0 (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)J39 0-6-0J17 0-6-0 (GER)
9639STRV1 2-6-2T2550YB WM2 0-6-4T (Met)4774STR5563CAM
9674STR7681STR2589MARY1 0-4-0T (Sent)4956RETJ15 0-6-0 (GER)
9715STRV3 2-6-2T2595STR W8135*STR DJ68 0-6-0T (GER)5375STR
9633*STR7672STR2596YBWD 2-8-08664MAR
* paint shop2615BSE77185refurbished, shortly to be allocated to THJ
Erecting Shop Yard
N7 0-6-2T (GER)F4 2-4-2T (GER)B1 4-6-0J39 0-6-0J67 0-6-0T (GER)
9645STR71651003CAM Gazelle4775STR8520STR
9657STR7184YBB17 "Sandringham" 4-6-04783STR8591STR
9661STRF5 2-4-2T (GER)1602IPS Walsingham4804PKS8594STR
9675STR7196STR1630MAR Tottenham Hotspur4963STRJ69 0-6-0T (GER)
9678STR7201PKS1643CAM Champion LodgeJ19 0-6-0 (GER)8557STR
9707STR72041648MAR Arsenal4650MAR8573STR
9719STR7211STR1660MAR Hull City4669MARJ68 0-6-0T (GER)
9724STRF3 2-4-2T (GER)1670NOR City of LondonJ15 0-6-0 (GER)8649STR
WD 2-8-07130STRB12 4-6-0 (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)5416KLJ50 0-6-0T (GNR)
refurbished locosF6 2-4-2T (GER)1510STR2500STR5432COL8950STR
77419newE4 2-4-0 (GER)1579STR2563NORJ20 0-6-0 (GER)J17 0-6-0 (GER)
77433new2781CAMK2 2-6-0 (GNR)2600STR4676STR5514MC
77456newV1 2-6-2T1740MAR2606CAMD15 4-4-0 (GER)5539COL
Old Works - Erecting Shop and Yard
N7 0-6-2T (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)J15 0-6-0 (GER)J39 0-6-0J69 0-6-0T (GER)
9649STR9718STRD16 4-4-0 (GER)J17 0-6-0 (GER)4769STR8548STR
9668STR9729STR2544YARY5 0-4-0ST (GER)4894IPSJ68 0-6-0T (GER)
9680STRN2 0-6-2T (GNR)2573SL8081STR4969NEW8638
9701STR9520KX2590IPSY4 0-4-0T (GER)J20 0-6-0 (GER)8655BOS
works shed
J92 0-6-0 crane tank (GER)J66 0-6-0T (GER)F5 2-4-2T (GER)
Shed CodesBOS BostonBSE Bury St. EdmondsCAM CambridgeCOL ColchesterHSY Hornsey
IPS IpswichKL Kings LynnKX Kings CrossLIN LincolnMAR MarchMC Melton Constable
NEA NeasdenNEW New EnglandNOR NorwichPKS ParkestonRET RetfordSHF Sheffield Darnall
SL South LynnSTR StratfordYAR Yarmouth SouthYB Yarmouth Beach
Saturday 3 January 1948total:95
New Works - Erecting Shop and Yard
F3 2-4-2T (GER)V1 2-6-2TB17 "Sandringham" 4-6-0B12 4-6-0 (GER)J69 0-6-0T (GER)
7120LOW W7677STR1605STR Lincolnshire Regiment1518STR W8548STR
7130COL WV3 2-6-2T1631CAM Serlby Hall1542STR8579BSE
7131MC W7672STR1633CAM Kimbolton Castle1544STR WJ39 0-6-0
7132MC WH2 4-4-4T (Met)1640CAM Somerleyton hall1567STR4802NOR
7135LOW W7511CLK W1652CLK Darlington1569STR4803IPS
7137LOW W7512CLK W1661MAR Sheffield WednesdayB1 4-6-0J15 0-6-0 (GER)
7144IPS WY3 0-4-0T (Sentinel)1662CLK Manchester United1051NOR5360NOR W
7147KL W8168LOW1663CAM Everton1055IPS5380CAM W
F4 2-4-2T (GER)8169GOR1664CLK LiverpoolD16 4-4-0 (GER)J17 0-6-0 (GER)
7183STR8174STR1667CAM Bradford2523MC5565SL
F5 2-4-2T (GER)Y1 0-4-0T (Sentinel)D15 4-4-0 (GER)2618CAMJ52 0-6-0ST (GNR)
Stripping Shop
F3 2-4-2T (GER)N7 0-6-2T (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)J39 0-6-0J15 0-6-0 (GER)
7118LOW W7146NOR W9640STR2593LOW4766STR5469NOR
7121CAM W7148IPS W9654STR2606CAM4773STR5475STR
7122LOW WF5 2-4-2T (GER)J93 0-6-0T (M&GN)
7136BSE W7218STR8485SL
Old Works - Erecting Shop and Yard
N7 0-6-2T (GER)F5 2-4-2T (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)J39 0-6-0J17 0-6-0 (GER)
9644STR9717STRY5 0-4-0ST (GER)1545STR4820IPS5516NOR
9656STRE4 2-4-0 (GER)8081STRD16 4-4-0 (GER)4957IPS5578NOR
9658STR2795CAMF4 2-4-2T (GER)2564YBJ15 0-6-0 (GER)J20 0-6-0 (GER)
9668STRJ69 0-6-0T (GER)8129STR2601CAM5382KL4687CAM
Works Shed
J92 0-6-0 crane tank (GER)J66 0-6-0T (GER)F3 2-4-2T (GER)
8667STR8668STR8669STR8370STR7138BSE W
Shed CodesBSE Bury St. EdmondsCAM CambridgeCLK ColwickCOL ColchesterGOR Gorton
HAT HatfieldHSY HornseyIPS IpswichKL Kings LynnLOW LowestoftMAR March
MC Melton ConstableNOR NorwichSL South LynnSTR StratfordYB Yarmouth Beach
Sunday 29 January 1950total:70
New Works - Erecting Shop and Yard
F3 2-4-2T (GER)K2 2-6-0 (GNR)B1 4-6-0J39 0-6-0J17 0-6-0 (GER)
7126NOR61734STR61004PKS Oryx64771STR65552MC
N7 0-6-2T (GER)61746STR61005STR Bongo64775STR65557MC
69619STR61777STR61006PKS BlackbuckJ20 0-6-0 (GER)5588SL
L1 2-6-4TD16 4-4-0 (GER)61043NORWD 2-8-04683CAMJ15 0-6-0 (GER)
Y3 0-4-0T (Sentinel)62593NOR61054IPS63050CLK64689MAR65384COL
8174STR62597YAR61089STR90425MARJ52 0-6-0ST (GNR)65390NOR
Stripping ShopPaint Shop
F5 2-4-2T (GER)J15 0-6-0 (GER)Y6 0-4-0T (GER)E4 2-4-0 (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)Y7 0-4-0T
N7 0-6-2T (GER)5397STR W
9645STR5409IPS W
5416KL W
Old Works - Erecting Shop and Yard
N7 0-6-2T (GER)D16 4-4-0 (GER)B12 4-6-0 (GER)J17 0-6-0 (GER)J68 0-6-0T (GER)J69 0-6-0T (GER)
9641STR2506KL61580STRJ15 0-6-0 (GER)8657BOS8570NOR
69648STR62538MC5388STRJ67 0-6-0T (GER)8625YAR
9673STR62575KLWorks Shed
69677PKSJ92 0-6-0 crane tank (GER)J66 0-6-0T (GER)
Shed CodesBOS BostonCAM CambridgeCLK ColwickCOL ColchesterIPS Ipswich
KL Kings LynnKX Kings CrossMAR MarchMC Melton ConstableNEA NeasdenNOR Norwich
PKS ParkestonSL South LynnSTR StratfordWFD Woodford HalseYAR Yarmouth SouthYB Yarmouth Beach

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