Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Brighton Works 1946-1960

Brighton Works
Built in 1840 by the London and Brighton Railway Company. Between 1852 and 1957 over 1200 locomotives were built.
Locomotive construction ceased in 1957 with the construction of BR class 4MT 2-6-4T 80154.
Saturday 23 March 1946total:28
erecting shop
E2 0-6-0TI1X 4-4-2TWest Country 4-6-2 (in various stages of construction)
2101260421C126Yes Tor21C133Chard
A1X 0-6-0TI3 4-4-2T21C127Taw Valley21C134Honiton
C2X 0-6-0E5 0-6-2T21C129Lundy21C136Westward Ho!
D3 0-4-4TE5X 0-6-2T21C131Torrington21C138Lynton
works yard
E1 0-6-0TD1 0-4-2TA1 0-6-0T
Sunday 9 June 1946total:31
erecting shop and yard
E1 0-6-0TI3 4-4-2TWest Country 4-6-2 (in various stages of construction)
2145D3 0-4-4T21C133Chard21C140Crewkerne
A1X 0-6-0T239721C134Honiton21C141Wilton
2635D1 0-4-2T21C135Shaftesbury21C142Dorchester
C2X 0-6-0221521C136Westward Ho!21C143Combe Martin
24502546E5X 0-6-2T21C137Clovelly21C144Woolacombe
240121C138Lynton21C145Ottery St. Mary
Battle of Britain 4-6-2 (in various stages of construction)21C146Braunton
21C149Anti-Aircraft Command21C151Winston Churchil21C147Callington
21C150Royal Observer Corps21C152Lord Dowding21C148Crediton
Wednesday 16 April 1947total:25
erecting shop
WD 8F 2-8-0 ( ex overseas)Battle of Britain 4-6-2 (in various stages of construction)
7704777118773077736421C16025 Squadron21C166Spitfire
7710877170773517743421C16173 Squadron21C167Tangmere
A1X 0-6-0T21C16217 Squadron21C168Kenley
266121C163229 Squadron21C169Hawkinge
West Country 4-6-221C164Fighter Command21C170Manston
works yard
D1 0-4-2TBattle of Britain 4-6-2WD 8F 2-8-0All WD 2-8-0s were undergoing
223521C158Sir Frederick Pile new7708177134refurbishment after duty overseas
Wednesday 13 August 1947total:24
erecting shop and yard
E5X 0-6-2TI3 4-4-2TWD 8F 2-8-0 ( ex overseas)Battle of Britain 4-6-2 (under construct.)
H1 4-4-27702377094771787728621C168Kenley
2039Hartland Point7703777098771817734021C169Hawkinge
West Country 4-6-277074A1X 0-6-0T21C170Manston
21C124Tamar ValleyA1 0-6-0Tex K&ESCRBattle of Britain 4-6-2
82Boxhill3Bodiam21C164Fighter Command new
Wenesday 17 March 1948total:18
erecting shop and yard
E4 0-6-2TN 2-6-0Battle of Britain 4-6-2Battle of Britain 4-6-2 (frames laid)
2495NOR1814BAT21C149SAL Anti-Aircraft Command21C171601 Squadron
2505BTNI1X 4-4-2T21C167RAM Tangmere 21C172257 Squadron
E5 0-6-2T2005EBNV "Schools" 4-4-021C173249 Squadron
2584HORWD 8F 2-8-0903STL Charterhouse21C17446 Squadron
E1 0-6-0T77481BAH2 4-4-221C175264 Squadron
2606BTN79262BA2422BTN North Foreland21C17641 Squadron
shed codesBA Bricklayer's ArmsBAT Stewart's LaneBTN BrightonEBN EastbourneHOR Horsham
NOR Norwood Jct.RAM RamsgateSAL SalisburySTL St. Leonards
Saturday 14 August 1948total:26
erecting shop
E1 0-6-0TLeader 0-6-0+0-6-0Battle of Britain 4-6-2 (in various stages of construction)
2129TON36001new3408074 Squadron34088213 Squadron
E4x 0-6-0TZ 0-8-0T3408192 Squadron34089602 Squadron
2477NOR951HIT34082615 Squadron34090Sir Eustace Missenden, SR
I3 4-4-2TWD 8F 2-8-034083605 SquadronH2 4-4-2
20823B70853HIT34084253 Squadron32422BTN North Foreland
C2X 0-6-078688BA34085501 SquadronN15 "King Arthur" 4-6-0
25293B77090BA34086219 Squadron806AFD Sir Galleron
2538EBN34087145 Squadron
works yard
D1 0-4-2TC3 0-6-0A1X 0-6-0
shed codes3B Three BridgesAFD AshfordBA Bricklayer's ArmsBTN BrightonEBN Eastbourne
HIT Hither GreenHOR HorshamNOR Norwood Jct.TON Tonbridge
Wednesday 10 August 1949total:30
erecting shop
D3 0-4-4TE4 0-6-2TE6X 0-6-2TLeader 0-6-0+0-6-0West Country 4-6-2 (under construct.)
A1X 0-6-02581TONE5 0-6-2T36002new34092City of Wells
32678KESRE3 0-6-2TI3 4-4-2TWD 8F 2-8-034094Mortehoe
C2X 0-6-032169TON320813B90354BTN34095Brentnor
32524BA32461BAH1 4-4-2K 2-6-0D 4-4-0
32039BTN Hartland Point2341BTN1057TON
works yard
D1 0-4-2TC2X 0-6-0A1X 0-6-0E4 0-6-2TWD 8F 2-8-0
shed codes3B Three BridgesBA Bricklayer's ArmsBTN BrightonEBN EastbourneFEL Feltham
FRA FrattonHOR HorshamKESR Kent & E. SussexNOR Norwood Jct.TON TonbridgeTWW Tunbridge Wells
Sunday 26 March 1950total:23
erecting shop and yard
A1X 0-6-0I3 4-4-2TWD 8F 2-8-0Leader 0-6-0+0-6-0West Country 4-6-2 (under construct.)
263675A3203075G7709870B36001new34107Blandford Forum
E4 0-6-2TW 2-6-4T7746070B36003newBattle of Britain 4-6-2
3246373B3191975C7853173B3408174B 92 Squadron
3256473BC2X 0-6-07866675BBattle of Britain 4-6-2 (under construct.)
3252375A0-6-0 dieselA1X 0-6-034109Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory
15203377Sservice3411066 Squadron
shed codes70B Feltham73B Bricklayer's Arms74A Ashford74B Ramsgate75A Brighton
75B Redhill75C Norwood Jct.75G Eastbourne
Wednesday 16 August 1950total:19
erecting shop and yard
I3 4-4-2TWD 8F 2-8-0cl 4MT 2-6-4T (under construction)West Country 4-6-2
3202275F7703073C42099new42103new3403675A Westward Ho!
3208375G7710870B42100new42104newBattle of Britain 4-6-2
C2X 0-6-07729675B42101new42105new3408274B 615 Squadron
3252473B7735573B42102newBattle of Britain 4-6-2 (under construct.)
9056673C3411066 Squadron
shed codes70B Feltham73B Bricklayer's Arms73C Hither Green74B Ramsgate75B Redhill
75F Tunbridge Wells75G Eastbourne
Saturday 15 March 1952total:21
erecting shopworks yard
H 0-4-4TC2X 0-6-0K 2-6-0BR 4MT 2-6-4TWest Country 4-6-2
3154074C3252275E3233875A80033new3403975A Boscastle
3155470A3253775Acl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)80034newH 0-4-4TT9 4-4-0
E3 0-6-2T3254075B4210575A80035new3131173A3030071A
3245973B0-6-0 dieselEE diesel80036newE4 0-6-2TA1X 0-6-0
E4 0-6-2T15211new10202newA1 0-6-03250971D377Sservice
Wednesday 23 July 1952total:17
erecting shop and yard
H 0-4-4TC2X 0-6-0L12 4-4-0BR 4MT 2-6-4TWest Country 4-6-2
3126574B3244375C3043471A80043new3409273A City of Wells
E3 0-6-2T3254175BT9 4-4-080044new0-6-0 dieselsA1X 0-6-0
3246073Bcl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)3031370C80045new15213new377Sservice
E5X 0-6-2T4208973A80046new15214new3267774A
Sunday 5 October 1952total:21
erecting shop and yard
H 0-4-4TE3 0-6-2TC2X 0-6-0C 0-6-0BR 4MT 2-6-4Tcl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)
E4 0-6-2T3246273B3254871D3122773B80049new4210175F
3250775BE6 0-6-2TK 2-6-03157973D80050new0-6-0 diesels
3251175D3240971A3234475AA1X 0-6-0EE diesel15216
shed codes70A Nine Elms70C Guildford71A Eastleigh71D Fratton73A Stewart's Lane
73B Bricklayer's Arms73D Gillingham74A Ashford74B Ramsgate74C Dover75A Brighton
75B Redhill75C Norwood Jct.75D Horsham75E Three Bridges75F Tunbridge Wells
Sunday 11 January 1953total:17
erecting shop and yard
M7 0-4-4TE3 0-6-2TC2X 0-6-0BR 4MT 2-6-4TV "Schools" 4-4-0
3003870B3216775A3244175E80053new3091374B Christ's Hospital
3004975D3216975A3244975BQ 0-6-03091974C Harrow
3010671BE5X 0-6-2T3253275E3054475EEE diesel0-6-0 diesel
shed codes
Sunday 15 March 1953total:22
erecting shop and yard
M7 0-4-4TE2 0-6-0TD 4-4-0BR 4MT 2-6-4TV "Schools" 4-4-0
3004370B3210773A3159175B80059new3090574E Tonbridge
3010970CG6 0-6-0TT9 4-4-080060new3090774E Dulwich
A1X 0-6-03025870D3033870C80061new3093773B Epsom
3265571DZ 0-8-0TS15 4-6-080062newEE diesel0-6-0 diesels
E4 0-6-2T3095175E3083775B80063new102021520315226
3250571D3095772Bcl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)15223
Wednesday 29 July 1953total:15
erecting shop and yard
E4 0-6-2TT9 4-4-0N 2-6-0BR 4MT 2-6-4TEE dieselA1X 0-6-0
3251071A3071572AC2X 0-6-08001475FDS681service
shed codes70A Nine Elms70B Feltham70C Guildford70D Basingstoke71A Eastleigh
71B Bournemouth71C Dorchester71D Fratton72A Exmouth Junction72B Salisbury
73A Stewart's Lane73B Bricklayer's Arms74B Ramsgate74C Dover74E St. Leonards
75A Brighton75B Redhill75D Horsham75E Three Bridges75F Tunbridge Wells
Sunday 7 March 1954total:19
erecting shop and yard
M7 0-4-4TT9 4-4-0BR 4MT 2-6-4TWest Country 4-6-2EE diesels
3004471A3028571A80080new3400870A Padstow10000
E2 0-6-0T3072771B80081newV "Schools" 4-4-010201
3210373A3073271D80082new3092973B Malvern10203new
80083newA1X 0-6-0K 2-6-00-6-0 diesels
shed codes70A Nine Elms71A Eastleigh71B Bournemouth71D Fratton73A Stewart's Lane
73B Bricklayer's Arms74A Ashford
Sunday 17 April 1955total:21
erecting shop and yard
M7 0-4-4TE1 0-6-0TT9 4-4-0cl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)BR 4MT 2-6-4T0-6-0 diesels
3004170BA1X 0-6-03028871A4210475A80116new1521475C
3004875DDS377service3030472BBR 4MT 2-6-080117new1521575C
Sunday 19 June 1955total:22
erecting shop and yard
M7 0-4-4TE4 0-6-2TBR 4MT 2-6-4TV "Schools" 4-4-00-6-0 diesels
3004875D3248575A8001075F3091774B Ardingly1521673C
H 0-4-4T3258275F80119new3093073B Radley1521773C
3116274EE4X 0-6-2T80120newN 2-6-0K 2-6-01521873C
C2X 0-6-03247775C80121new3186875B3234175A1523071A
3252773BA1X 0-6-080122newS15 4-6-03234875E
shed codes70A Nine Elms70B Feltham70F Fratton71A Eastleigh72A Exmouth Junction
72B Salisbury73B Bricklayer's Arms73C Hither Green74B Ramsgate74E St. Leonards75A Brighton
75B Redhill75C Norwood Jct.75D Horsham75E Three Bridges75F Tunbridge Wells
Saturday 29th September 1956total:15
erecting shop and yard
M7 0-4-4TBR 4MT 2-6-4TN15 "King Arthur" 4-6-0West Country 4-6-2
3037571A80142new3076973A Sir Balin3402071B Seaton
O2 0-4-4T80145newN15X "Rembrance" 4-6-03410173A Hartland
3023070B W80146new3232970D Stephenson WMerchant Navy 4-6-2
A1X 0-6-080147newT9 4-4-03501870A British India Line
80149newW - withdrawn
shed codes70A Nine Elms70B Feltham70D Basingstoke71A Eastleigh71B Bournemouth
72B Salisbury73A Stewart's Lane
Saturday 30 March 1957total:12
erecting shop and yard
M7 0-4-4Tcl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)BR 4MT 2-6-0A1X 0-6-0electric loco
3003970F3032471B4207674CD 4-4-00-6-0 diesel
3157470C W15203
Saturday 28 September 1957total:9
erecting shop and yard
M7 0-4-4TH 0-4-4TO2 0-4-4TN 2-6-0cl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)
3003175A3132874C3020770F W3184172A4210375A
3005475A3155273AA1X 0-6-0
shed codes70C Guildford70F Fratton71A Eastleigh71B Bournemouth72A Exmouth Junction
72C Yeovil Town73A Stewart's Lane74B Ramsgate74C Dover75A Brighton75B Redhill
Saturday 23 January 1960total:7
erecting shop only
A1X 0-6-0C 0-6-0L 4-4-0
3176470A3178070AThese locos were in store.
Brighton Works closed completely in 1962

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