Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Banbury 1946 - 1966

Pre Grouping Ownership - Great Western Railwayopened:closed:1966
type:A brick built 4TS shed with one through road.prior to 1950TYS
location:On the west side of the line, south of Banbury station.1950 - 196384C
Google MapFeature 1Feature 21963 - 19662D
Sunday 1 September 1946BANtotal:42
57xx 0-6-0PT51xx 2-6-2T2251 0-6-028xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0
3630BAN51882292TYS2819STJ4909BAN Blakesley Hall
3751BAN43xx 2-6-02301 0-6-0 (Dean)28375991BAN Gresham Hall
4631BAN5317BAN2408BAN2845SHL6925OXF Hackness Hall
4646BAN5335CDF56xx 0-6-2T2871BANGrange 4-6-0
5724BAN6390BAN6696BAN2875PDN6832BAN Brockton Grange
7763BANAberdare 2-6-048xx 0-4-2T2881PDN6835BAN Eastham Grange
9782BAN2612BAN485828976849BAN Walton Grange
54xx 0-6-0PTROD 2-8-048732898BAN6854BAN Roundhill Grange
5404BAN3010LLY72xx 2-8-2T3820Manor 4-6-0
5407BAN723838647810BAN Draycott Manor
Saint 4-6-0cl 8F 2-8-07811BAN Dunley Manor
2981BAN Ivanhoe8442PDN
Shed CodesBAN BanburyCDF Cardiff CantonLLY LlanellyOXF OxfordPDN Old Oak Common
SHL SouthallSTJ Severn Tunnel J.TYS Tyseley
Sunday 19 June 1949BANtotal:48
57xx 0-6-0PT43xx 2-6-02251 0-6-028xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0
3751BAN5317BAN2256BAN2816BAN5967BAN Bickmarsh Hall
5736BAN5324BAN3216BAN2837CDF6903LDR Belmont Hall
8729BAN5373BAN3218BAN2853BANGrange 4-6-0
54xx 0-6-0PT6342BANWD 2-8-02886BAN6803BAN Bucklebury Grange
5404BAN6390BAN77026BAN2898BAN6815TN Frilford Grange
5407BAN7325RDG77053CDF3828PPRD6835BAN Eastham Grange
5424BAN56xx 0-6-2T77408BAN3829BAN6841BAN Marlas Grange
14xx 0-4-2T6696BAN902373838STJ6854BAN Roundhill Grange
1401BAN72xx 2-8-2T903633842WES6873Caradoc Grange
1411BAN7244LDRROD 2-8-03856SHL6876SPM Kingsland Grange
1426BAN42xx 2-8-0T3038CDFManor 4-6-0
5228LLYBulldog 4-4-07800BAN Torquay Manor
3363BAN Alfred Baldwin7805BAN Broome Manor
Shed CodesBAN BanburyCDF Cardiff CantonLDR LandoreLLY LlanellyOXF Oxford
PPRD Pontypool RoadRDG ReadingSHL SouthallSPM St Philip's MarshSTJ Severn Tunnel J.
TN TauntonWES Westbury
Sunday 30 July 195084Ctotal:50
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT28xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0
363084C840084C281684C380486A490381F Astley Hall
369484C840584C282284J382486C491884K Dartington Hall
463184C840784C282584B382984C494481C Middleton Hall
572484C845984C282681A383184C497486C Talgarth Hall
776384C54xx 0-6-0PT282781F56xx 0-6-2T593084C Hannington Hall
872984C540784C284581F669684C594584B Leckhampton Hall
878784C542484C285384C2251 0-6-0690684C Chicheley Hall
978284C43xx 2-6-0287986A225684CModified Hall 4-6-0
14xx 0-4-2T533284C289581A229584C696081A Raveningham Hall
141184C536184C289784C51xx 2-6-2TGrange 4-6-0
142684C631381F64xx 0-6-0PT414984C683486A Dummer Grange
145884C641884CDukedog 4-4-0683984C Hewell Grange
Shed Codes81A Old Oak Common81C Southall81F Oxford82C Swindon84B Oxley
84C Banbury84J Croes Newydd84K Chester GWR86A Newport Ebbw J.86C Cardiff Canton
Alloction August 1950 (70)14xx 0-4-2TGWR32251 0-6-0GWR4
28xx 2-8-0GWR20Saint 4-6-0GWR1ROD 2-8-0GWR2
57xx 0-6-0PTGWR951xx 2-6-2TGWR143xx 2-6-0GWR6
54xx 0-6-0PTGWR4Hall 4-6-0GWR564xx 0-6-0PTGWR1
56xx 0-6-2TGWR1Grange 4-6-0GWR6Manor 4-6-0GWR3
94xx 0-6-0PTGWR4
Sunday 6 May 195184Ctotal:50
57xx 0-6-0PT54xx 0-6-0PT51xx 2-6-2T28xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0
463184C540784C414784E280087B495182C Pendeford Hall
464684C542484C414984C281684C498084C Wrottesley Hall
572484C43xx 2-6-0516484E282186A499581D Easton Hall
776384C531384J42xx 2-8-0T283786C592784E Guild Hall
94xx 0-6-0PT531784C520487F284784C593084C Hannington Hall
840584C533284C521187D381286C596784C Bickmarsh Hall
840784C536184CWD 2-8-0381686A599484C Roydon Hall
845984C539184C7709986G382084C690184C Arley Hall
943884C632485A56xx 0-6-2T382584J690684C Chicheley Hall
14xx 0-4-2T637582D669684C385781C692984C Whorlton Hall
141184CKing 4-6-0386184CSaint 4-6-0
ROD 2-8-0600584A King George II (repairs)293284E Ashton Court
303384BManor 4-6-0
781184C Dunley Manor
Shed Codes81C Southall81D Reading82C Swindon82D Westbury84A Stafford Road
84B Oxley84C Banbury84E Tyseley84J Croes Newydd85A Worcester86A Newport Ebbw J.
86C Cardiff Canton86G Pontypool Road87B Duffryn Yard87D Swansea East Dk87F Llanelly
Sunday 15 June 195284Ctotal:70
57xx 0-6-0PT43xx 2-6-02251 0-6-028xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0
369484C530784C225684C281684C491884C Dartington Hall
463184C530984F321684C283384B496084C Pyle Hall
572484C532484C321884C285384J498084C Wrottesley Hall
776384C533284CROD 2-8-0289286C593282F Haydon Hall
878784C536984E304384C289486A595484C Faendre Hall
94xx 0-6-0PT538286CQ1 0-6-0380886E599784B Sparkford Hall
840084C539184C3301971A381486C690684C Chicheley Hall
840784C539781EWD 2-8-0381984C692984C Whorlton Hall
845284C634284C9019284C382084CGrange 4-6-0
845984C639084C9031384C383184C681684C Frankton Grange
942584C51xx 2-6-2T9046684B386184C681984C Highnam Grange
942684C410284C9048584C56xx 0-6-2T683584C Eastham Grange
943884C414984C9057984C562484B685684C Stowe Grange
944984C514184C9067686A662584CCastle 4-6-0
54xx 0-6-0PTModified Hall 4-6-0664584B409587E Harlech Castle
540484C696484A Thornbridge Hall669684C14xx 0-4-2T
540784C696684C Whitchingham Hall141184C
Shed Codes71A Eastleigh81E Didcot82F Weymouth84A Stafford Road84B Oxley
84C Banbury84E Tyseley84F Stourbridge Jct.84J Croes Newydd86A Newport Ebbw J.86E Severn Tunnel J.
87E Landore
Sunday 31 May 195384Ctotal:42
57xx 0-6-0PT43xx 2-6-02251 0-6-028xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0
572484C531784C321884F282784C495584B Plaspower Hall
776384C533284C42xx 2-8-0T284784C497784C Watcombe Hall
94xx 0-6-0PT538886C521886A285784C593084C Hannington Hall
840084C634284CWD 2-8-0288684C593781A Stanford Hall
840584C930081C9012586A381984C594784C Saint Benet's Hall
845284C61xx 2-6-2T9052486CROD 2-8-0595484C Faendre Hall
942584C610181D14xx 0-4-2T302084C596784C Bickmarsh Hall
942684C51xx 2-6-2T141184C302484CModified Hall 4-6-0
943884C517084C303184B697684C Graythwaite Hall
54xx 0-6-0PTGrange 4-6-0697984C Helperley Hall
540784C681984C Highnam Grange790381A Formarke Hall
542484C683984C Hewell Grange
Shed Codes81A Old Oak Common81C Southall81D Reading84B Oxley84C Banbury
84F Stourbridge Jct.86A Newport Ebbw J.86C Cardiff Canton
Sunday 27 June 195484Ctotal:49
57xx 0-6-0PT2251 0-6-043xx 2-6-028xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0
369484C220284C538684E281882C497784C Watcombe Hall
463184C220984C539984C283484C498084C Wrottesley Hall
572484C225684C633284F283584C595084C Wardley Hall
878784C227084C637086C285784C595484C Faendre Hall
94xx 0-6-0PT229784CROD 2-8-0286286E596784C Bickmarsh Hall
840084C51xx 2-6-2T302084C286983A690587E Claughton Hall
840584C410284CWD 2-8-0289784C692984C Whorlton Hall
845284C517084C9023886C380986CModified Hall 4-6-0
845984C54xx 0-6-0PT9054486A381984C696684C Whitchingham Hall
944984C540484C382984E697684C Graythwaite Hall
540784C383184C697984C Helperley Hall
540981B385984C698785A Shervington Hall
Shed Codes81B Slough82C Swindon83A Newton Abbot84C Banbury84E Tyseley
84F Stourbridge Jct.85A Worcester86A Newport Ebbw J.86C Cardiff Canton86E Severn Tunnel J.87E Landore
Sunday 28 August 195584C4pm - 4.15pmtotal:46
54xx 0-6-0PT2251 0-6-028xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0cl 8F 2-8-0
540484C224684C281684C490381F Astley Hall4841984C
540784C227084C282384C498084C Wrottesley Hall4843482B
542484C229784C283584C498784C Brockley HallWD 2-8-0
94xx 0-6-0PT43xx 2-6-0285784C498981D Cherwell Hall9046684C
942584C435885B288684C594784C Saint Benet's Hall9057286C
944984C636284C289784C595484C Faendre HallROD 2-8-0
57xx 0-6-0PT637086A381384B690684C Chicheley Hall304286G
977484C930181C382984C691081E Gossington Hall0-6-0 diesels
BR 4MT 4-6-0931484B51xx 2-6-2TModified Hall 4-6-01310513109
7502089A414984C697684C Graythwaite Hall1310613110
Grange 4-6-0517084C698084G Llanrumney Hall13107
684985C Walton Grange
Shed Codes81C Southall81D Reading81E Didcot81F Oxford82B St. Philip's Marsh
84B Oxley84C Banbury84G Shrewsbury85B Gloucester GWR85C Hereford86A Newport Ebbw J.
86C Cardiff Canton86G Pontypool Road89A Oswestry
Sunday 4 November 195684Ctotal:42
54xx 0-6-0PT43xx 2-6-028xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0cl 8F 2-8-0
540784C533284C283584C493787E Lanelay Hall4841984C
540984C534184B286784C497183B Stanway Hall4847184C
57xx 0-6-0PT536184C287386E593084C Hannington HallWD 2-8-0
364684C537984C288684C594784C Saint Benet's Hall9023886C
94xx 0-6-0PT539084B381984C692984C Whorlton Hall9056586C
845284C930981D2251 0-6-0Modified Hall 4-6-00-6-0 diesels
51xx 2-6-2T633184C225684C697684C Graythwaite Hall1310513108
517084C636284C225984C697984C Helperley Hall1310613109
518285B638784C229784CBR 5MT 4-6-01310713110
Shed Codes81D Reading83B Taunton84B Oxley84C Banbury85B Gloucester GWR
86C Cardiff Canton86E Severn Tunnel J.87E Landore
Sunday 3 November 195784Ctotal:42
54xx 0-6-0PT43xx 2-6-028xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0cl 8F 2-8-0
540484C536184C281684C498981D Cherwell Hall4841284C
540784C537984C282384C593084C Hannington HallB1 4-6-0
540984C631282B288684C594784C Saint Benet's Hall6120634E
94xx 0-6-0PT635784G289186C595781D Hutton Hall0-6-0 diesels
845284C2251 0-6-0289784C599283B Horton Hall1310513109
944984C224684C382984C692984C Whorlton Hall1310713110
51xx 2-6-2T225984C383184CModified Hall 4-6-013108
414984C227084C383784B697684C Graythwaite Hall
517084C229784C383886E697984C Helperley Hall
14xx 0-4-2T386184BGrange 4-6-0
147384C685782B Tudor Grange
Shed Codes81D Reading82B St. Philip's Marsh83B Taunton84B Oxley84C Banbury
84G Shrewsbury86C Cardiff Canton86E Severn Tunnel J.
Sunday 17 August 195884Ctotal:51
57xx 0-6-0PT2251 0-6-028xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0WD 2-8-0
364684C225381D283084B490381F Astley Hall9031384C
54xx 0-6-0PT225984C285384C492484C Eydon Hall9058584C
540784C43xx 2-6-0381086C499881D Eyton HallBR 9F 2-10-0
540984C533284C381786C591684B Trinity Hall9222284C
542084C633184C382084C592381A Colston Hall9222384C
542484C730584C385884C593084C Hannington Hall9222584C
94xx 0-6-0PT730884C51xx 2-6-2T594582D Leckhampton Hall9222784C
845284C56xx 0-6-2T414984C594784C Saint Benet's Hall9222884C
944984C662781D515284C599184B Gresham Hall0-6-0 diesels
14xx 0-4-2T516084K599584B Wick Hall1310513108
147384CModified Hall 4-6-0690684C Chicheley Hall1310613110
697684C Graythwaite Hall692984C Whorlton Hall13107
697984C Helperley HallGrange 4-6-0
684884C Toddington Grange
Shed Codes81A Old Oak Common81D Reading81F Oxford82D Westbury84B Oxley
84C Banbury84K Chester GWR86C Cardiff Canton
Alloction March 1959 (52)2251 0-6-0GWR628xx 2-8-0GWR4
57xx 0-6-0PTGWR251xx 2-6-2TGWR3Hall 4-6-0GWR12
43xx 2-6-0GWR854xx 0-6-0PTGWR394xx 0-6-0PTGWR2
WD 2-8-0WD39F 2-10-0BR9
Sunday 27 September 195984Ctotal:51
54xx 0-6-0PT43xx 2-6-028xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0WD 2-8-0
540784C531886G281684C494284C Maindy Hall9014884C
542084C638784C282283B497282C Saint Bride's Hall9026184C
64xx 0-6-0PT730884C285886A499084C Clifton Hall9031286C
640384F733984Bcl 8F 2-8-0499581F Easton Hall9058584C
641314D2251 0-6-04811084G499681C Eden HallBR 9F 2-10-0
94xx 0-6-0PT225684C4843682B593181A Hatherley Hall9200386C
845284C227084C51xx 2-6-2T598887E Bostock Hall9222684C
944984C229784C414984C598984C Cransley Hall9222784C
57xx 0-6-0PT56xx 0-6-2T516384E690484C Charfield Hall9223284C
773481A W*665784D517084C690684C Chicheley Hall9225084C
973384EModified Hall 4-6-0692984C Whorlton Hall0-6-0 diesels
* enroute to 84D697684C Graythwaite Hall694984C Haberfield HallD3107D3109
as stationary boiler791981D Runter HallD3108D3110
Shed Codes14D Neasden81A Old Oak Common81C Southall81D Reading81F Oxford
82C Swindon84B Oxley84C Banbury84D Leamington Spa84E Tyseley
84F Stourbridge Jct.86C Cardiff Canton86G Pontypool Road87E Swansea Landore
Sunday 26 June 196084Ctotal:47
57xx 0-6-0PT51xx 2-6-2T28xx 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0WD 2-8-0
364684C414984C386283D592282C Caxton Hall9014884C
54xx 0-6-0PT415484C386584B593384C Kingsway Hall9026184C
540784C S516784C2251 0-6-0594784C Saint Benet's Hall9031584C
541784C616981C229784C S596286C Wantage Hall9035681C
542084CBR 3MT 2-6-2T43xx 2-6-0598382C Henley Hall903652F
94xx 0-6-0PT820056A636686G598781E Brocket Hall9046681C
944984C S730584C598884C Bostock Hall9054486A
Grange 4-6-0BR 9F 2-10-0598984C Cransley Hall9057986C
685784B Tudor Grange9221384C690684C Chicheley Hall72xx 2-8-2T
685884E Woolston Grange9221484C691184C Holker Hall722884C
0-6-0 diesels9222184C695284C Kimberley Hall724484C
D3108D31099222784CModified Hall 4-6-0724784C
S - stored9224081A699285A Arborfield Hall
Shed Codes2F Woodford Halse6A Chester Midland81A Old Oak Common81C Southall81E Didcot
82C Swindon83D Plymouth Laira84B Oxley84C Banbury84E Tyseley
85A Worcester86A Newport Ebbw J.86C Cardiff Canton86G Pontypool Road
Sunday 7 May 196184Ctotal:41
54xx 0-6-0PTGrange 4-6-0Hall 4-6-0WD 2-8-0
542084C685184B Hurst Grange590181D Hazel Hall900802F
64xx 0-6-0PT686684E Morfa Grange598884C Bostock Hall9026884C
642184C687984E Overton Grange690684C Chicheley Hall903462F
43xx 2-6-0King 4-6-0692684A Holkham Hall9048384C
631784C601088A King Charles I693588A Browsholme Hall9056581C
636784C601184A King James I695284C Kimberley Hall9058584C
51xx 2-6-2TModified Hall 4-6-072xx 2-8-2T0-6-0 dieselsBR 9F 2-10-0
415484C697684C Graythwaite Hall720784CD3105D31089221484C
515284C791081C Hown Hall720884CD3106D31099222884C
28xx 2-8-0County 4-6-0721384BD3107D3110
288884B101881E County of Leicester721884B
Shed Codes2F Woodford Halse81C Southall81D Reading81E Didcot84A Stafford Road
84B Oxley84C Banbury84E Tyseley88A Cardiff Canton
Sunday 15 April 196284Ctotal:36
2251 0-6-0Castle 4-6-0Hall 4-6-0WD 2-8-0
321784C508884A Llanthony Abbey493981E Littleton Hall9048584C
51xx 2-6-2TModified Hall 4-6-0496484C Rodwell Hall9058584C
411284C696181A Stedham Hall591284C Queen's Hall9069184C
414984C790584C Fowey Hall594784C Saint Benet's HallBR 9F 2-10-0
415484C792984C Wyke Hall598884C Bostock Hall9223484C
28xx 2-8-0Grange 4-6-0599084C Dorford Hall9224286A
288884C687882B Longford Garnge599684B Mytton Hall0-6-0 diesels
380984C43xx 2-6-047xx 2-8-0691184C Holker HallD3106D3109
382184C631784C470781C692984C Whorlton HallD3107D3110
385584C636784C695284C Kimberley HallD3108
Shed Codes81A Old Oak Common81C Southall81E Didcot82B St. Philip's Marsh84A Stafford Road
84B Oxley84C Banbury86A Newport Ebbw J.
Sunday 30 June 196384Ctotal:47
94xx 0-6-0PTKing 4-6-0Hall 4-6-0cl 8F 2-8-0
941381C602784A King Richard I W494386G Marrington Hall4841284E
28xx 2-8-0Grange 4-6-0499285B Crosby Hall4844716B
284584C686284B Derwent Grange499683B Eden HallBR 9F 2-10-0
288884C W686381D Dolyhywel Grange592684C Grotrian Hall W9200484C
380684C687382B Caradoc Grange598581A Mostyn Hall9221784C
381886A687686G Kingsland Garnge599084C Dorford Hall72xx 2-8-2T
382584CModified Hall 4-6-0690484C Charfield Hall721884C
385284C696981E Wraysbury Hall690684C Chicheley Hall723684C
51xx 2-6-2T697984C Helperby Hall691184C Holker Hall0-6-0 diesels
410584C791284C Little Linford Hall691385B Levens HallD3105D3109
411284C W61xx 2-6-2T43xx 2-6-0692984C Whorlton HallD3106D3110
414984C W612984C636784C695184C Impney HallD3107D3112
415484CW - withdrawn695284C Kimberley HallD3108
Shed Codes16B Kirkby-in-Ashfield81A Old Oak Common81C Southall81D Reading81E Didcot
82B St. Philip's Marsh83B Taunton84A Stafford Road84B Oxley84C Banbury
84E Tyseley85B Gloucester GWR86A Newport Ebbw J.86G Pontypool Road
Saturday 2 May 19642Dtotal:40
Grange 4-6-0Hall 4-6-028xx 2-8-0BR 9F 2-10-0
68272B Llanfrechfa Grange59902D Dorford Hall287981C920042D
68312B Bearley Grange69062D Chicheley Hall289588A9206716B
68422A Nunhold Grange694588A Glasfryn Hall38092D921072D
686082B Aberporth Grange69512D Impney Hall38252D922132D
686881F Penrhos GrangeModified Hall 4-6-038282D922182D
61xx 2-6-2T72xx 2-8-2T69762D Graythwaite Hall38522D W0-6-0 diesels
61292D72072D69792D Helperby Hall38572D WD3105D3109
51xx 2-6-2T72182D698282B Melmerby Hallcl 8F 2-8-0D3106D3110
41012D72212D79052D Fowey Hall W484172C2251 0-6-0
41542D72362D W79122D Little Linford Hall484742A22892D W
Shed Codes2A Tyseley2B Oxley2C Stourbridge Jct.2D Banbury16B Annesley
81C Southall81F Oxford82B St. Philip's Marsh88A Cardiff East Dock
Sunday 28 March 19652Dtotal:35
2251 0-6-0Modified Hall 4-6-0Hall 4-6-0BR 9F 2-10-0
22102D696582E Thirlestaine Hall595582E Garth Hall921282D
51xx 2-6-2T69792D Helperby Hall W59902D Dorford Hall W921292D
41542D69802D Llanrumney Hall69042D Charfield Hall W922182D
cl 4MT 2-6-0790081F St. Peter's Hall W69062D Chicheley Hall922282D
431125D79122D Little Linford Hall69072D Davenham Hall W922342D
cl 8F 2-8-0Grange 4-6-0690882E Downham Hall922472D
4826716E68512B Hurst Grange69152D Mursley Hall W0-6-0 diesels
485061H72xx 2-8-2TBR 5MT 4-6-069162D Misterton HallD3107D3110
4851016C72212D W7316481F W69172D Oldlands HallD3109
W - withdrawn69262A Holkham HallBrush T4 diesel
69342D Beachamwell HallD1649
Shed Codes1H Northampton2A Tyseley2B Oxley2D Banbury5D Stoke
16C Derby16E Kirkby-in-Ashfield81F Oxford82E Bristol Barrow Rd
Alloction May 1965 (23)2251 0-6-0GWR151xx 2-6-2TGWR1
Hall 4-6-0GWR99F 2-10-0BR12
Sunday 10 April 19662Dno diesels recordedtotal:33
cl 5MT 4-6-0BR 9F 2-10-0cl 8F 2-8-0
448692D453116D9207316B922242DGrange 4-6-0
448722D453312D921282D922282D686881F Penrhos Grange W
449142D453492A921292D922472Dthis locos was being cut-up in the yard
Shed Codes2A Tyseley2B Oxley2D Banbury5D Stoke6D Shrewsbury
8C Speke Junction16B Colwick81F Oxford
Scrap merchants James Friswell cut-up the following locos in the yard at Banbury 1964 - 1966
Nov-6443xx 2-6-0630981E
Mar-65Modified Hall 4-6-0790081F St. Peter's HallBR 5MT 4-6-07316481F W
Mar-652251 0-6-022212D72xx 2-8-2T72072D
Apr-65Hall 4-6-069042D Charfield Hall
May-65Hall 4-6-069152D Mursley Hall cl 4MT 2-6-4T (Fb)422501G
Jun-65Hall 4-6-059902D Dorford Hall
Nov-65Hall 4-6-069162D Misterton Hall
Dec-65Hall 4-6-069172D Oldlands Hall
Jan-66Grange 4-6-068582A Woolston Grange
Jan-66Hall 4-6-0695781F Norcliffe Hall
Feb-66Hall 4-6-069302D Aldersley Hall
Feb-66Hall 4-6-0692181F Borwick Hall56xx 0-6-2T66712D
Feb-66Grange 4-6-0686881F Penrhos Grange
Feb-66Hall 4-6-0692481F Grantley Hall
Shed Codes1G Woodford Halse2A Tyseley2D Banbury81E Didcot81F Oxford
Banbury shed was closed on 3rd October 1966.

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