Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sheffield Grimesthorpe 1957 - 1961

Sheffield Grimesthorpe
Pre Grouping Ownership - Midland Railwayshed codes
type:A brick built roundhouse.1945 - 195819A
location:East of the line, south of Brightside station.1958 - 196141B
access:The shed entrance was off Brightside Lane.opened:1877
Site Location -
BR Database -
Sunday 20 October 195719Atotal:58
cl 5F 2-6-0 (H/F)cl 2F 0-6-0 (J)cl 3F 0-6-0 (J/D)cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)Jubilee 4-6-0
4290419A5819219A4324319A4387219A4559419B Bhopal
cl 4MT 2-6-05822519A4325419A4403919A456238A Palestine
4311519Acl 2MT 2-6-04333219A4417419Acl 5MT 4-6-0cl 8F 2-8-0
cl 3F 0-6-0Tcl 3F 0-6-0 (D)4338819A4426519A4528021A4814419A
4751319A4380019A4366919A4437917EBR 9F 2-10-04817919A
4754819A0-6-0 diesels4371519A4443719A9200821A4818919A
Shed Codes8A Edge Hill9D Buxton14B Kentish Town17E Heaton Mersey19A Grimesthorpe
19B Millhouses19C Canklow21A Saltley55A Leeds Holbeck
Sunday 23 March 195841Btotal:68
cl 5F 2-6-0 (H/F)cl 3F 0-6-0 (J/D)cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)cl 8F 2-8-0
cl 3F 0-6-0T4324341B4366941B4388241B4442641B4815041D
0-6-0 diesels4340641Bcl 2F 0-6-0 (J)4428741B4456841B4844216D
1308613254cl 2MT 2-6-05819241B4433855E4457341B485199D
13251132884645041B5822541Bcl 3F 0-6-0 (D)cl 5MT 4-6-04864241B
132524645141BBR 9F 2-10-04380041B4480241B4876541B
Jubilee 4-6-09205321AWD 2-8-04484741Ccl 1F 0-6-0T (J)
4560941C Gilbert & Ellice Islands9212018B902376B4540714B4185741B
Shed Codes6B Mold Junction9D Buxton14B Kentish Town16D Mansfield17B Burton-on-Trent
17E Heaton Mersey18A Toton18B Westhouses21A Saltley41B Grimesthorpe
41C Millhouses41D Canklow41E Staveley B. Hill55B Stourton55E Normanton
Sunday 1 March 195941Btotal:59
cl 5F 2-6-0 (H/F)cl 3F 0-6-0 (J/D)cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)cl 8F 2-8-0
4290441B4333541B4373141B4417441Bcl 5MT 4-6-0485059D
cl 3F 0-6-0T4338841B4374941B4421241B4481115C4864241B
4751341B4340641B4375141B4426541BBR 5MT 4-6-04876541B
4754841B4343141Bcl 3F 0-6-0 (D)4428741B7300041Bcl 1F 0-6-0T (J)
4762441B4351541E4380041B4437141E0-6-0 diesels4179541B
4763641BJubilee 4-6-0cl 2MT 2-6-013253D3574
4560241C British Honduras4645041B13254D3575
4565441C Hood4645141B13293D3662
Shed Codes1A Willesden9D Buxton15C Leicester Midland21A Saltley41B Grimesthorpe
41C Millhouses41D Canklow41E Staveley B. Hill55A Leeds Holbeck55B Stourton55D Royston
Sunday 24 July 196041Btotal:44
cl 1F 0-6-0T (J)cl 3F 0-6-0 (J/D)cl 3F 0-6-0 (D)cl 5MT 4-6-0Jubilee 4-6-0
4183541B4320341B4380041B4482521A4559041C Travencore
cl 5F 2-6-0 (H/F)4330741B Wcl 4F 0-6-0 (F)4499056F4565182E Shovell
4283612A4336141B4384441BBR 5MT 4-6-0B1 4-6-0
4290441B4339541B4412941E7307441B6101050B Wildebeeste
cl 4MT 2-6-04363441B4417441Bcl 3F 0-6-0Tcl 8F 2-8-00-6-0 diesels
cl 2MT 2-6-04371541B4426541B4754841B4815141DD3251D3662
4645141BJ69 0-6-0TWD 2-8-0BR 9F 2-10-04821641BD3253
Shed Codes12A Carlisle Kingmoor15A Wellingborough21A Saltley40A Lincoln41B Grimesthorpe
41C Millhouses41D Canklow41E Staveley B. Hill50B Hull Dairycoates56F Low Moor82E Bistol Barrow Rd.
Sunday 14 May 196141Btotal:54
cl 5F 2-6-0 (H/F)cl 3F 0-6-0 (J/D)cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)0-6-0 dieselsBrush T2 diesels
cl 4MT 2-6-04375141B4421241Bcl 8F 2-8-0D3251D4037EE T1 diesels
4308941Bcl 3F 0-6-0T4426541B4807555BD3288D4038D8052D8058
cl 2MT 2-6-04443741BD3574
Shed Codes17B Burton-on-Trent21A Saltley21D Aston41B Grimesthorpe
41C Millhouses41D Canklow41E Staveley B. Hill55B Stourton
Sunday 30 August 196141Btotal:61
cl 5F 2-6-0 (H/F)cl 5MT 4-6-0cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)0-6-0 dieselsEE T1 diesels
cl 4MT 2-6-04526521A4421241B4443741BD3289D3727D8053D8062
4316041Bcl 8F 2-8-04424541D4451621AD3293D4037D8055D8064
cl 3F 0-6-0 (J/D)BR 9F 2-10-04428741BBrush T2 dieselsD3574D4046D8057D8066
4363741BJubilee 4-6-0D5686D5808D3662D4048D8060D8068
4366941B456175B MauritiusD5689D5809"Peak" diesels
cl 3F 0-6-0TBritannia 4-6-2D5804D5810D34D68
4754841B7005455A Dornach FirthD5806
Shed Codes5B Crewe South6G Llandudno Jct.17C Rowsley18A Toton
21A Saltley41B Grimesthorpe41D Canklow55A Leeds Holbeck
Sheffield Grimesthorpe closed to steam on 11th September 1961.

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