Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Gateshead 1945 - 1949

The NER built three different classes of Atlantics (4-4-2s).  This class C6 was one of those built by Worsdell in 1903.  All 20 of them were withdrawn between 1943 and 1948, the final two were 2933 & 2937 from Gateshead shed.
Pre Grouping Ownership - North Eastern Railwaypre 1950GHD
type:A four-in-line brick built roundhouse with a 3TS brick-built dead ended shed.1950 - 196552A
location:North of the line, west of Gateshead station.opened:1854
access:From Gateshead East Station.closed:1965
Maps and Details - BR DatabaseGoogle MapPhotographs of Gateshead MPD
Sunday 30 September 1945GHDLNER 1923
N10 0-6-2T (NER)V2 2-6-2A4 4-6-2J71 0-6-0T (NER)
1109GHD3642GHD3676GHD2511GHD Silver King103GHD
1138GHD3643YK3680YK4901GHD Sir Charles Newton179GHD
1317GHD3644GHD3687YKA3 4-6-2221GHD
1667GHD3648YK4777GHD2544GHD Lemberg248GHD
1683GHD3651GHD4779GHD2549GRA Persimmon501GHD
1697GHD3654GHD4856GHD2552NEW Sansovino533GHD
1706GHD3659GHD4881GHD2576GHD The White KnightJ72 0-6-0T (NER)
1711GHD3671GHD4890GHD2599GHD Book Law1722GHD
1716GHD4780GHD The Snapper…….D49 4-4-01741
V3 2-6-2T4806GHD The Green Howard…..201GHD The Braham Moor2177
390GHDB16 4-6-0G5 0-4-4T (NER)232GHD The Badsworth2335
391GHD841YK540247The BlankneyY3 0-4-0T
396GHD847YK1316269The Cleveland81GHD
417GHD1383YKJ21 0-6-0 (NER)273The Holderness117GHD
C6 4-4-2 (NER)2370YK800281Dumbartonshire197GHD
7042379YKJ26 0-6-0 (NER)282GHD The HurworthQ1 0-8-0T (NER)
784C7 4-4-2 (NER)1159NPT363GHD The Grafton5087
K3 2-6-02163J39 0-6-0368The PuckeridgeQ4 0-8-0 (GCR)
1332GHDD20 4-4-0 (NER)1456BLA376The Staintondale5136
Sunday 7 September 1947GHD8.50am - 9.15amtotal:96
N10 0-6-2T (NER)A4 4-6-2B1 4-6-0J71 0-6-0T (NER)
9097GHD2GHD Sir Murrough Wilson1011GHD Waterbook8234GHD
9099GHD16GHD Silver King1012GHD Puku8247GHD
9102GHD19GHD Bittern1014GHD Oribi8262GHD
9103GHDA3 4-6-21100GHD8265GHD
9105GHD38GHD FirdaussiD30 4-4-08267GHD
9106GHD40GHD Cameronian2428HAW Talisman8270GHD
9107GHD47KX DonovanD49 4-4-08283GHD
G5 0-4-4T (NER)64HAY Tagalie2736GHD The Bramham Moor8309GHD
7243SUN74GHD Harvester2742GHD The Braes of DerwentJ72 0-6-0T (NER)
V1 2-6-2T79GHD Bayardo2745GHD The Hurworth8674GHD
7640HTNA2 4-6-22747GHD The Percy8685GHD
V3 2-6-2T515HTN Sun Stream2749GHD The Cottesmore8694GHD
7634GHD518GHD Tehran2750GHD The PytchleyWD 2-8-0
7682GHD521GHD Watling Street2764GHD The Garth3140NPT
7683GHDV2 2-6-22766GHD The Grafton3144NPT
7685MID801GHD891HTNB16 4-6-0K3 2-6-03162HTN
7689GHD805GHD939HTN1437YK1940MARQ6 0-8-0 (NER)
C6 4-4-2 (NER)836HAY942GHD1440YK1985GHD3356BLA
2934884GHDJ39 0-6-01464YKY3 0-4-0T3440SEL
2937GHD887GHD4818SBKJ24 0-6-0 (NER)8154GHDY1 0-4-0T
J21 0-6-0 (NER)J27 0-6-0 (NER)Q1 0-8-0T5649HTN8180GHD8146GHD
Sunday 21 August 1949GHDtotal:110
N10 0-6-2T (NER)A4 4-6-2A2 4-6-2J71 0-6-0T (NER)
69090GHD60002GHD Sir Murrough Wilson60518GHD Tehran8247GHD
69091GHD60005GHD Sir Charles Newton60521GHD Watling Street8251GHD
9092GHD60016GHD Silver King60534YK Irish Elegance68268SEL
69093GHDA3 4-6-2B1 4-6-08270GHD
9097GHD60036NEV Colombo61011GHD Waterbook8283GHD
69099GHD60038GHD Firdaussi61012GHD Puku68296HLB
9100GHD60042GHD Singapore61013GHD Topi68309GHD
69102GHD60045GHD Lemberg61014GHD Oribi8314GHD
69107GHD60060GHD The Tetrarch61023DAR HirolaJ72 0-6-0T (NER)
N8 0-6-2T (NER)60069HTN Sceptre61238GHD Lesile Runciman68674GHD
69393HLD60071GHD Tranquil61257NEV1319BOR68675GHD
V1 2-6-2T60080HTN Dick Turpin61290SKN8680GHD
7642GHD60084GHD TrigoD49 4-4-068693GHD
7653GHD60091HTN Captain Cuttle62731CAR Selkirkshire68702GHD
V3 2-6-2TA1 4-6-22750GHD The Pytchley8720GHD
67634GHD60115GHD Meg Merrilies2755SCA The Bilsdale68723GHD
7683GHD60132GHD MarmionV2 2-6-268732GHD
67684MID60137GHD Redgauntlet60810HTN8739YK
67687GHD60143GHD Sir Walter Scot60835HTN The Green Howard…..68744GHD
67689GHD60145GHD Saint Mungo60849DON938NEW8754MID
67690GHD60150GHD Willbrook874NEW945NEWY1 0-4-0T
G5 0-4-4T (NER)60152HAY Holyrood60884GHD60964GHD68141GHD
67244SBHL1 2-6-4TB16 4-6-060890DON60966HTN68146GHD
67249HTN67702STR61467YK907YK60982YKY3 0-4-0T
7258DURK3 2-6-0D20 4-4-060933YKA6 4-6-2T (NER)8154GHD
67310SUN1818HTN62362BRIQ6 0-8-0 (NER)69793SBK68160GHD
J39 0-6-061858CARJ21 0-6-0 (NER)63403BLAA8 4-6-2T68180GHD
64899CAR61983STM5077AUKJ25 0-6-0 (NER)9861SUNWD 2-8-0
Shed Codes 1945 - 1949Auk West AucklandBLA BlaydonBOR Borough GardensBRI Bridlington
CAR Carlisle CanalDAR DarlingtonDON DoncasterDUR DurhamGHD GatesheadHAW Hawick
HAY HaymarketHLB Hull Botanic GrdsHLD Hull DairycoatesHTN HeatonKX King's CrossMAR March
MID MiddlesboroughNEV Leeds Neville HillNew New EnglandNPT Newport (Yorks)SBH South BlythSBK Starbeck
SCA ScarboroughSEL SelbySKN Stockton-on-TeesSTM St, Margaret'sSTR StratfordSUN Sunderland
WHL West HartleppolYK York

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