Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Patricroft 1946 - 1952

Pre Grouping Ownership - London, North Western Railway
type:Two brick built sheds, one an 8TS and the other a 10TS constructed in an 'L' format.
location:In the fork of the Eccles to Patricroft and Monton Green lines.
access:A footbridge led to the shed from Hampden Grove.
Site Location -
Photo feature -
Shed Profileallocation1945195019591965
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)Midland4420
opened:1884 (8TS)cl 2P 4-4-0LMS1000
1904 (10TS)cl 3P 2-6-2T (St)LMS3000
closed:1968cl 2 2-6-2T (I)LMS0010
cl 4P 2-6-4T (St)LMS6491
cl 5MT 4-6-0LMS2536185
Patriot 4-6-0LMS4000
Jubilee 4-6-0LMS0560
shed codescl 3F 0-6-0TLMS00112
1948 - 195810Ccl 4F 0-8-2TLNWR3000
1958 - 196326Fcl 4F 4-6-0LNWR2000
1963 - 19689Hcl 6F/7F 0-8-0LNWR1316170
cl 8F 2-8-0LMS00010
cl 2F 0-6-0 (BW)L&Y6800
cl 3F 0-6-0 (A)L&Y0010
cl 2F 0-6-0 (J)Midland0010
BR cl 5 4-6-0BR001228
BR cl 3 2-6-2TBR0005
Sunday 23 June 194610Ctotal:54
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)cl 5MT 4-6-0cl 6F 0-8-0cl 7F 0-8-0cl 6F 0-8-2T (BC)
50710C505510C530210C891210C892010Ccl 3F 0-6-0 (BW)
cl 2P 4-4-0518210C531510C927310C931010APatriot 4-6-0
cl 4P 2-6-4T (St)52476A537710C930310E944210B554210C
245410C525910C542410Ccl 8F 2-8-0554410B
256010C527914B544410C813920Dcl 3P "Precursor" 4-4-0
256110Ccl 3MT 2-6-2T (St)cl 5F 2-6-0 (H/F)880110C253046A Greyhound
257410C13810C29249Acl 3F 0-6-0 (J)
Shed Codes3B Bushbury6A Chester Midland8B Warrington8C Speke Junction9A Longsight
10B Preston10C Patricroft10E Sutton Oak11A Carnforth12B Carlisle Upperby14B Kentish Town
20D Normanton20G Hellifiield24E Blackpool
Sunday 17 August 194710Ctotal:55
cl 3MT 2-6-2T (St)cl 5MT 4-6-0cl 6F 0-8-0Jubilee 4-6-0
13810C493612B537710C919910C55678A South Australia
20710C493912B538610C92333B56319A Tanganyika
20910C505510C540110C925410C566810C Madden
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)518210C542010C925510C567010C Howard of Effingham
33210C521926B542610C927310C572010C Indomitable
43410C523326A542711A930410Ccl 3P "George the Fifth" 4-4-0
50710C529010C542810C93836B253736A Ptarmigan
cl 4P 2-6-4T (St)530410C544410Ccl 7F 0-8-0cl 3F 0-6-0 (BW)
245410Ccl 4P 4-4-0cl 6F 0-8-2T (BC)892010C1201910C1203610C
259610Ccl 5F 2-6-0 (St)cl 7F 0-8-0 (F)931010A
Shed Codes2B Nuneaton3B Bushbury6A Chester Midland6B Mold Junction8A Edge Hill
9A Longsight10A Springs Branch10C Patricroft11A Carnforth12B Carlisle Upperby25A Wakefield
26A Newton Heath26B Agecroft
Sunday 15 August 194810Ctotal:57
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)cl 5MT 4-6-0cl 7F 0-8-0cl 6F 0-8-0cl 3F 0-6-0 (BW)
cl 2P 4-4-0489526A53518A4894110C905210C5202310C
cl 4P 2-6-4T (St)518210C542410C923410C4923210C1203110C
cl 3F 0-6-0 (J)519910C545112B940510C937110C1204910C
4359918A530410Ccl 4F 4-6-0 (Whale)Patriot 4-6-0Jubilee 4-6-0
cl 4F 0-6-0 (F)cl 7F 0-8-0 (F)880110C4551310B555910C British Columbia
400217B4958723Bcl 2F 0-6-2T (Wb)554410B567010C Howard of Effingham
cl 6F 0-8-2T (BC)2762710D572610C Vindictive
Shed Codes2D Nuneaton5A Crewe North5B Crewe South6B Mold Junction8A Edge Hill
10B Preston10C Patricroft10D Plodder Lane12B Carlisle Upperby17B Burton-on-Trent18A Toton
23B Aintree26A Newton Heath
Sunday 20 August 19502.35pm - 2.50pm10Ctotal:59
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)cl 5MT 4-6-0cl 7F 0-8-0Patriot 4-6-0
4045010C448087A4532710C4892010C4551910B Lady Godiva
cl 2P 4-4-0450065B4532910C4902710CJubilee 4-6-0
4063510C4503710C4534025B4909410C4555910C British Columbia
cl 4P 2-6-4T (St)4508025G4537112A4920910C4563012A Swaziland
4256010C4513710C4537310C4923410Ccl 6F 0-8-0cl 3F 0-6-0 (BW)
cl 5F 2-6-0 (H/F)4525812A4541010C4942610C4919110B5202410C
428599B4525910C4541612Acl 8F 2-8-0919910C5203110C
cl 5F 2-6-0 (St)4529010C4542410C480548C4934010C5203410C
cl 4F 0-6-04531210C4549510C485592A5206410C
Shed Codes2A Rugby3D Aston5B Crewe South6B Mold Junction7A Llandudno Jct.
8C Speke Junction9B Stockport10B Preston10C Patricroft12A Carlisle Upperby20A Leeds Holbeck
25B Huddersfield25G Farnley Junction
Sunday 21 September 195210Ctotal:48
cl 2P 4-4-0 (F)cl 5MT 4-6-0cl 3F 0-6-0TPatriot 4-6-0
4043410C447106A4530210C4736410C4552412A Blackpool
4043810C4503710C4531210C4736510CJubilee 4-6-0
4045010C450502A4537710C4739910C4572010C Indomitable
cl 2P 4-4-04505510C4538812A4743010Ccl 7F 0-8-0BR cl 4 4-6-0
4063510C4514210C4541010Ccl 3F 0-6-0 (BW)4923410C7501010C
cl 4P 2-6-4T (St)4514710C4541110C5201610C4925410C7501110C
4266210CBR cl 5 4-6-0cl 3F 0-6-0 (A)5203110C4942610C7501410C
7302410C5214310Ccl 8F 2-8-0WD 2-8-0
Shed Codes2A Rugby5B Crewe South6A Chester Midland10C Patricroft12A Carlisle Upperby
24A Accrington25A Wakefield

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